Kane Kidnappings: A History

Erica's pre-wedding abduction on AMC is just the latest in a long line of Kane family kidnappings. Here's a look back at 11 other abductions.

1985: After their marriage fell apart, Adam kidnapped Erica and brought her to the Canadian wilderness. Jeremy Hunter rescued her.

1987: Stuart's first wife, Chandler housekeeper Joanna, abducted Erica — and Brooke was the one who figured out who had snatched her rival.

1988: Baby Bianca was kidnapped by Steven Andrews in a scheme-gone-awry cooked up for insurance money by her father, Travis Montgomery.

1992: This was an abduction-heavy year for Erica, who was snatched first by Edmund (when Dimitri wouldn't submit to a DNA test to prove that he and Edmund were brothers) and then Helga, the nefarious mom of Dimitri's first wife, Angelique, who locked her in the Marick family crypt.

1996: Evil Dr. Jonathan Kinder attempted to kidnap Bianca, but was foiled and fell to his presumed dead (he actually survived but was later apprehended).

2004: Convinced that baby Bess was actually Miranda, her own presumed dead daughter, Bianca abducted her from the hospital. The tot was returned to presumed parents JR and Babe, but by the end of the year, it would be revealed that Bianca's instincts had been right.

2005: During his era as a deranged psychopath, Jonathan Lavery kidnapped Kendall (and Greenlee and Lily) and stashed them in a cave.

2005: When Erica got cold feet before marrying Jack, he kidnapped her (albeit in a loving way) and brought her to Boca Raton. After flying in the rest of the family, the duo finally became husband and wife.

2007: Zach's serial killer father, Alexander Cambias, kidnapped Kendall and tried to kill her, but Ryan and Zach found her in time.

2009: When Aidan went off the deep end, he kidnapped Kendall, with whom he was then obsessed. Zach saved her.

2010: More of a hostage situation than a genuine kidnapping, David kept Erica tied up in her own glam loft — and she returned the favor the same year.

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