Jumping For "Jolie"!

OLTL’s John and Natalie are finally together, but it’s been a long and very winding road to happiness. Think you know all the twists and turns? Here’s a look back at “Jolie’s” ups, downs and everything in between.

•John came to town as an FBI agent investigating shady casino owner/crime lord Walker Laurence.

•Natalie married Cristian and became a pro billiards player.

•John recruited Nat to help him get info on Walker and she wound up getting kidnapped.

•Nat was rescued by John and Cris, who was presumed dead during the attempt, leaving Nat heartbroken.

•Nat and John explored their growing friendship and Nat was often jealous of his friendship with fellow agent Kathryn.


•John stuck around Llanview to work at the police department and investigate the Music Box Killer, who was responsible for the death of his fiance Caitlin years before.

•After Natalie was nearly attacked by the killer, she and John admitted their romantic feelings for each other.

•Nat was jealous over John’s friendship with another woman and his hesitance to strike up a romance, so she started sleeping with abusive creep Paul Cramer.

•John took it as a sign and started dating Evangline.

•Paul was killed; Nat was briefly a suspect.

•Nat was floored when amnesiac Cristian returned to Llanview, alive and well.

•Despite her feelings for John, Nat tried to rekindle her relationship with Cris, who later admitted to her that he wasn’t the real Cris, but had plastic surgery to resemble him.

•John was shellshocked when a DNA test proved that Cris, who’d killed Tico Santi and was sent to jail, was not an imposter at all. He agreed not to tell Nat.


•Nat and John rekindled their spark after John rescued her and Evangeline from the clutches of the Killing Club Killer.

•Nat was stunned when she learned the truth about Cris during the Statesville Prison riot, which was started by Carlo Hesser, and was miffed that John had lied to her. She cast both of the men out of her life.


•John and Nat hooked up again while working on a case together for the Llanview PD (Nat started as a receptionist and became interested in forensics) to prove Todd’s innocence in the murder of Margaret Cochran.

•During this time, John also found out that Spencer Truman had killed his father and decided to take his relationship with Nat to the next level. He got his mother’s engagement ring for her.

•Before he could pop the question, John was in a car accident and presumed dead. Nat was devastated.

•It was later revealed that the survivor of the crash, Hugh Hughes, was actually John — who was injured beyond recognition.

•Nat nursed John back to health and he finally declared his love for her.

•When Truman turned up dead, Nat feared John committed the murder out of revenge and tampered with evidence at the crime scene to protect him. Nat was caught, fired from the PD and a nasty split with John followed.


•Having parted ways with John, Nat went to work for Buchanan Enterprises and met Jared. John got involved with Marty, who later disappeared and was kidnapped, along with Cole, in Ireland. John set out to find her, but she was presumed dead during a car explosion.

•Although he still had feelings for Nat, John started sleeping with Blair and tangled with Todd, who’d been keeping amnesiac Marty hostage.

•John reunited with Marty; Nat was stunned when her BF Jared was revealed to be Asa’s long-lost son (and her uncle!).

•Jared told Nat the truth about his plot against her family. She was miffed but agreed to keep quiet to protect everyone from David Vickers (the real Buchanan heir) and they had sex.


•John agreed to marry Blair to protect her and her children after she was attacked by the KAD killer, who she believed was Todd.

• Nat was ostracized by her family when the truth about Jared came out.

•Mitch Laurence was responsible for Jessica’s kidnapping and Jared’s murder, which ultimately brought John and Nat back together.

•John helped Nat cover up the fact that she stabbed Mitch and the duo (along with Brody) went on a manhunt to find Mitch.

•After a car accident in an ice storm, Nat and John sought shelter together and rekindled their romance — even though Nat thought John was her dead hubby Jared.

•Marty caught the duo together. They tried to stay away from each other, to no avail.


•Marty announced she was pregnant. John vowed to raise their child and Nat agreed to stay away.

•Marty fell down stairs and miscarried. She blamed Nat, who decided to leave town.

•Nat wrote John a letter telling him to meet her at midnight before she left to say good-bye; Marty intercepted it and realized John still loved Nat.

•Nat had sex with drunken Brody; they agreed to keep it a secret.

•John arrived before Nat left for London. He declared his love and they had sex.

•Nat found out she was pregnant and wasn’t sure if John or Brody was the father.

•Marty got her hands on Nat’s paternity test and vowed revenge on Nat for her role in Cole going to prison for shooting Eli.

•Marty threatened to reveal the truth to John that Nat’s baby is Brody’s.

•John and Nat decided to get married on New Year’s Eve, but Marty interrupted the ceremony to spill the beans. Maid of honor Jessica (also pregnant with Brody’s baby) went into labor before the truth came out.

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