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Julie Marie Berman and Kelly Sullivan GHFCW


Julie Marie Berman (Lulu) and Kelly Sullivan (Kate)

GH Fan Club Weekend Event


Sportsmen's Lodge Event Center

12825 Ventura Blvd.,

Studio City, CA.


Friday, July 20; 1-4 p.m.



Tickets are $95 per person for fan club members, $100 for nonmembers.  A fantastic luncheon buffet will be provided. To order tickets, please send (2) self-addressed, stamped envelopes, along with your money order made payable to Debby O'Connor, to: Debby O'Connor, P.O. Box 16212, Irvine, CA 92623. You may also purchase by going to our website at www.YourNumberOneFan.com <http://www.yournumberonefan.com/>  to purchase using PayPal.  Please note:  Add an additional $5.00 per ticket for use of PayPal to cover shipping and handling.  All tickets are nonrefundableBe sure to include the name(s) of all of your guests to ensure you are seated together. You may order tickets to both the Kick Off and the Cast Luncheon by going to http://ghfanclub.com/2012tickets.pdf.

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