The Joys of Golf

Mention the word golf to ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex), and you’ll see his face light up. (This includes talking to him on the phone. Yes, he loves golf that much.) We recently asked him to list 10 reasons he loves the game, and he e-mailed us these answers the next day. Lavoisier wanted a little time to come up with something really fun, and we think he did. Enjoy.

10. You don’t have to be good at it to enjoy it. (Just like sex!)

9. You get a free tan. (Although it’s a farmer’s!)

8. Five hours of pure, uninterrupted thinking.

7. Sounds of hitting “the sweet spot.”

6. The feeling your heart has when you know it’s a perfect shot.

5. Hearing someone say to you, “Great birdie.”

4. Being able to play “another 18.”

3. Poker with the boys in the clubhouse later.

2. Everyone gets the same amount of respect.

1. The more you drink, the better you get!

Gabby, I could have given you a thousand…!

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