Jordi Vilasuso Out?

Is Jordi Vilasuso (Tony) leaving GUIDING LIGHT? After winning the Emmy for Outstanding Younger Lead Actor on May 16, Vilasuso told reporters that he intended to leave Springfield when his contract expires at the end of July. Now, Vilasuso maintains that he has reconsidered and may stick around Springfield. Vilasuso joined GL in August, 2000 as the cousin of mobster Danny Santos. Earlier this year he was cast in a starring role of a FOX pilot from the creators of Party of Five called No Place Like Home. However, the pilot was not picked up for the fall season.
“It was a beautiful, well-written story that didn’t get picked up, so it might be a mid-season [replacement],” says Vilasuso. “I have a great relationship with the people at FOX and have many different paths as an actor that I can follow. So I have a positive feeling about the future right now.”

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