Jonathan Jackson: Separating Fact from Fiction

Jake's death has been a traumatizing storyline for GENERAL HOSPITAL's Lucky. As the real-life father of three, Jonathan Jackson talks about what it's like to work with such tragic subject matter that could hit so close to home.

Soap Opera Weekly: Do you think your experiences as a father inform your performance as Lucky?
Jonathan Jackson: Yeah, I'm sure that plays a big part — being a dad. Just contemplating what people have to go through when this stuff happens; it's a real devastating thing. There's also a real connection between the actors that I think comes through, as well. We all get through it together. So it's all of those elements.

Weekly: Do you keep the show's storylines separate from your personal life as a father, or do you use your real-life experiences?
Jackson: No, I keep it pretty separate. I don't really "go there" in relation to my own children as an overt source of preparation. I'm sure it's there on a subconscious level, just from being a father, but it's more connected to the spiritual nature of what's happening: connecting with it from that place as opposed to trying to really focus on my children.

Weekly: Can you leave the horror in the studio?
Jackson: I'm able to go home and be really normal. I mean, you're definitely contemplating these kinds of things. It always makes you appreciate life and the days that you have with each other. But mostly, it's just the exhaustion from the whole thing that sticks with you. I'm not really haunted by it or tortured, or anything like that.

Weekly: Of course, the latest drama with Luke's intervention was a direct result of Jake's death.
Jackson: The whole situation with Jake makes that [addiction issue] come to the forefront for Lucky, because he's been through it. He's trying to make sense of this tragedy.