John-Paul Lavoisier Lathers Up

Soap Opera Weekly: Did you have fun at Super Soap?
John-Paul Lavoisier: I felt like I was a big star — a big, famous star that everybody loves.

Weekly: Surely you had lots of people in your autograph line.
Lavoisier: I did. It was unbelievable. I had people the whole time. My line was sold out. I ended up signing over 200 autographs in 2 1/2 hours on Saturday. They gave us a 15-minute break, but I didn’t take it. I just kept signing straight through. I was trying to sign extra autographs for the people who were waiting by the fences just trying to take pictures of me. I was like a madman.

Weekly: Does that make you feel good?
Lavoisier: It does make me feel good. Girls are lined up the whole way trying to snap shots and shake your hand and have you sign all this stuff. You have to keep moving, because there’s a time frame and the security guards are trying to push you through. I felt really bad. I was like, “I can’t stop. I’m not allowed to stop,” and the security guard has one hand on my back.

Soap Opera Weekly: Did you have time to enjoy Disney World?
Lavoisier: My girlfriend and I went down Wednesday night. I golfed with Mr. Brian Frons (president of ABC Daytime) on Thursday, which was very nice. She laid by the pool. Friday, she and I rode rides all day. [We got to] skip the lines and go right to the front. We rode every ride, some of them five or six times.

Weekly: Did you have a favorite ride?
Lavoisier: My favorite ride was Soarin’, in Epcot. It’s a big IMAX screen. You’re sitting on a chair and it picks you up right to the front of the screen. It’s like you’re flying through different parts of the world. You start out in the clouds and, all of a sudden, the clouds open up and you’re over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Then, you’re flying over these rivers, then you’re in Alaska over a ski slope. Then you’re flying over these Naval aircraft-carrier docking areas, over the ocean, over canyons. It’s unbelievable. It’s so peaceful and so cool.

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