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Soap Opera Digest: What is your character like?
Jim J. Bullock: He’s very flamboyant, very gay.Digest: How do you pronounce your character’s name?
Bullock: Nick says “Surge” and I correct him with “Sir-gay.” Imagine, me playing a gay character. I mean, really, what a stretch! I was in the back of the bus early in the ’80s. I’m moving up. I’m gonna take a drink at the drinking fountain!Digest: So, you don’t mind playing this flamboyant wedding planner?
Bullock: I don’t mind playing anything as long as it’s work.Digest: How did this role come along?
Bullock: My agent said that B&B had some roles coming up and that they might be interested in me. I met with casting and truly thought it was just a general meeting. Then, they said, “Don’t audition,” so right away that made me much more at ease because I hate to audition. So, I had a nice talk with the casting gal and I told her I was doing this Nickelodeon project. She asked if I was shooting the next week and when I said no, she said, “Oh, thank God because that’s when we’re shooting.” And I just jokingly went, “Well, that’s great, then I’ll see you next week.”Digest: Then what happened?
Bullock: She handed me a script and said, “I’ll call you later.” After that, I ran out of CBS because I fully expected her to come after me screaming, “No, you gotta suck it up and read!” Then, I thought it was going to be a line, but I read it and it was a nice little part. In my career, I can count on one hand the times that I was just offered a role. For me, it’s never been that way, so this is kind of fun.Digest: Have you ever watched a soap before?
Bullock: Nope. I have never been into daytime television. I can see how people get into them because I’m hooked on AMERICAN IDOL and 24. Ever since I saw Soapdish, I’ve wanted to do a soap. I love the fast pace of it. I’m sure I’ll vomit three times before I’m done today, but that’s okay because I’ll just be thinner. I did turn on the show today so I can see who is who and know how to pronounce certain names.Digest: What kind of scenes do you have with Brooke and Nick?
Bullock: As far as I know, I just come in and give them ideas for the wedding and then I come on to Nick. Of course, with Jack Wagner, it’s not hard acting. Anyway, Nick and Brooke know that I’m flirting with him. He finds it flattering, while she’s amused.Digest: What’s your wardrobe like?
Bullock: Like him — cobalt blue jacket, green shirt with a big rhinestone button, cream pants with a tie sash. It’s not clownish, but very Carson [from QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY]. It’s sort of nautical with a lot of bling bling. I think it’s very exciting.Digest: Would you be open to more shows?
Bullock: Are you kidding? Honey, I would kiss a clown to be on a soap. This studio is about two blocks from where I live. It’s fabulous. I never ever thought I would do soaps in my career. I always assumed you had to be gorgeous and studly, and that’s not my avenue. I’m comedy. But they probably already have a gay character on the show, anyway. I mean, it’s the fashion industry, so they must.Digest: Actually, they don’t.
Bullock: Hello? Wow. That’s amazing.

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