Jess Walton: World Traveler, Homebody

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS’ Jess Walton (Jill) says her life isn’t particularly exciting, but you be the judge after hearing about her summer trips to Europe, time spent in party-hearty Las Vegas, and her preparations to welcome a new addition to her family.

Walton first went to Monaco on a Y&R publicity trip, and then spent time in Paris before returning to the States. “Monaco was wonderful. Paris was fabulous,” Walton gushes. “I went with my husband and it was absolutely wonderful.”

Not that Walton doesn’t appreciate the comforts of home. “When I’m home, I organize, read, swim, do yoga and see my friends and family,” Walton explains. “I have a really nice life. It’s not a really exciting life, but….”

Then there was that Vegas trip. “I did a skeet shoot in Vegas. The Hollywood Celebrity Skeet Shoot. We gambled and were out in the desert, shooting. I love that. I don’t hunt. I don’t kill stuff. I like targets, not harming,” Walton asserts.

And now the most exciting task of all: Preparing for the birth of her nephew’s child. “My nephew and his wife are having a baby in August, and I get to go in the operating room! I’m going to see it born,” Walton enthuses. “It’s like our grandchild, because these are the two we invited to come live with us 10 years ago from Iowa. We remodeled the garage and they went back to college. At that time, we had our son and our daughter, Brad and Chris, us and the housekeeper, who was so wonderful, in this little house. The dining room table was always full. There was always someone there to chat with during the day.”

As everyone got older and moved out, Walton missed all that company, so the visiting newborn baby should provide plenty of welcome activity. “Now John and I are alone up in this big house on the hill, and I really miss that,” she insists. “I mean, it’s nice to have our privacy, but we still found time for that with all the people around. You can always go to your room and close the door.”