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Jen Lilley Says Good-bye To DAYS

Credit: JPI

In the new issue of Digest, Jen Lilley (Theresa) opens up about her last days on DAYS. The actress, who is set to depart Salem on November 18, is a big fan of her final story. “My favorite storyline was my exit storyline just because I felt like the writing was so strong,” she praises. “It was such poignant writing. While there have been so many highlights through the years that I just completely loved — hitting John Black in the head with a fireplace poker, getting married to Brady in Vegas, Tate’s first kidnapping with Eileen Davidson was incredible, that whole storyline with JJ in the beginning and fighting with Jennifer and being with Daniel —it all comes together in a really beautiful bow at the very end.  I feel like I’m going to cry right now because it was so well done and I felt so undeservedly honored. I’ve been kind, but you know how the business goes: It doesn’t matter if you’re kind. The fact that they wrote me such a wonderful exit was really more than anything I could have ever asked for. It was with the people I love. Unfortunately, Suzanne Rogers [Maggie] wasn’t part of it very much, which was a shame because she and I have loved working together, but I get to work with John Aniston [Victor], who has been such a silent mentor in a lot of the ways over the years. I love John Aniston. He was so kind when he found out I was leaving, and obviously Eric Martsolf [Brady]. I mean, most of the storyline, as you can imagine, is with him, and Eric just rose up. I think it’s some of the finest acting I’ve ever seen Eric do. He’s won an Emmy because he’s an incredible actor. I just feel like every single person in the storyline got to play and it was magic. It was just so powerful.” For more from Lilley, be sure to pick up the latest Digest, on sale now.