Jason on Brenda and Sonny: Bad Idea

As Sonny’s right-hand man and Brenda’s (reluctant) ex-husband, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Jason is uniquely qualified to analyze the reunion of Brenda and Sonny. Steve Burton weighs in on Jason’s impressions.Soap Opera Weekly: Does Jason see Brenda as just someone he has to get out of his hair?

Steve Burton: Yeah. Obviously, he has some compassion for her. I hope people can see that, amid the bickering and the fighting. There’s something underlying; there’s a friendship, a sense of, “Yeah, I know it’s tough for you to go through this stuff, whatever it is.” He wouldn’t just be like, “Okay, that’s it, Brenda, get out!” He just wouldn’t do that.

Weekly: Why is he doing what he is doing?

Burton: He’s doing it because he was married to her legally, and no matter how much you don’t like a person — even though you have a past with her — if someone’s trying to cut her face and abduct her, I think you’re gonna go try to help her. That’s just the bottom line. Obviously, they have whatever their relationship is; he can’t just say, “Okay, done, I’m out. Too much work for me; gotta go!”

Weekly: Is that subtlety difficult to convey to an audience?

Burton: If it’s just a glimpse [of that attitude], then I think Vanessa [Marcil Giovinazzo, Brenda] and I are doing our jobs.

Weekly: Is it Jason’s job to keep Sonny from making a mistake with Brenda again?

Burton: Nothing good is going to come of that. There’s not one good thing up in there. Jason knows that, and he can say it till he’s blue in the face to both of them. She knows that, too. Jason is trying to convince himself, “Oh, she wants him; she wants to be together,” and this and that, but he knows it’s destined for disaster!

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