Jackie's Back

Soap Opera Digest: So, Bobbie’s in crisis again.
Jacklyn Zeman: I know. Isn’t that great? I’m thrilled! It’s music to my ears. I think that will appeal to people who’ve been watching for a long time, but to be honest, I have no idea what we’re doing or where it’s going.

Digest: It’s about time we have more scenes with you and Corbin [Bernsen, Durant]. I mean, your characters did sire a child together.
Zeman: I have to say I’m thrilled that we’re finally going to get some interaction between Durant and Bobbie on-camera, because most of it has been off-camera — or not at all. I’ve been making a number of public appearances lately and people always ask, “What’s going on with Bobbie and Durant? What’s the story?” And I get to say, “There is one now!”

Digest: What’s your take on why it has been so long to tell this story?
Zeman: Theirs is a relationship that happened in the past, and now he’s here, so it’s present. But if there’s going to be a story, then we have to create a future, and maybe the writers were unsure what the future was going to be. But I don’t think the intentions here are in terms of the romantic. The soap opera audience loves to pair people up. As a viewer, when I watch a show, I know I do that. Bobbie has not had a romantic attachment for a long time, and I think they didn’t want to get into a position where the audience was looking for that or asking for that. But to go into it now with the lawsuit is so brilliant. It’s dramatic. It’s confrontational. It’s great interaction with Durant, Carly and Bobbie and, like in real life, it’s not that simple. It’s complicated.

Digest: Are you enjoying working more closely with Corbin?
Zeman: He’s great. It had been quite a while since we had scenes together. But it’s funny, I had a conversation with [Head Writer] Chuck Pratt a while ago and he asked me, “Who would you like to work with on the show?” And he totally caught me off-guard. You never expect that from a head writer! This was before the Durant character had been created and it just threw me for a loop. So finally, a few months ago, I was like, “If [you’re] still open to hearing my answer, give me some scenes with Corbin!”Digest: Lately we’ve been seeing more stories rooted in the past. Are you a proponent of that trend?
Zeman: I think the audience likes to see story that comes out of what happened in the past, so I think it’s wonderful.”

Digest: Is there anyone from Bobbie’s past you’d like to see resurface?
Zeman: If we could pull someone out of the clear blue sky, I’d say Jerry Jacks — Julian Stone, who is just so wonderful, and the character is still out there. With Ingo [Rademacher, Jax] still here on the show, maybe we’ll get to that at some point. But one story at a time!