Jack and Jennifer: Fully Covered

Romance on the Rise in Salem
(Dec. 5, 1989, Vol. 1, Issue 3)
After months of action/adventure plots and a rating’s plunge, senior producer Becky Greenlaw announced that DAYS would be shifting gears toward love, romance and tender couplings. “We want to get back to the stories we’re best at. DAYS is a show known for super couples or love triangles,” said Greenlaw, citing Jack, Jennifer and Emilio among them.

At Long Last, Lovers!
(July 3, 1990, Vol. 1, Issue 33)
The moment Jack and Jennifer fans had been waiting for finally took place on July 2, 1990, when the couple finally made love. After an explosion on the Loretta, the pair abandoned ship and made their way to a deserted island. Jennifer had one thing on her mind: sex! Jack fantasized that he and Jennifer were Tarzan and Jane, then mustered up the courage to tell Jennifer, “I love you.”

Innocence Lost
(Nov. 6, 1990, Vol. 1, Issue 51)
Jennifer got in over her head masquerading as Katerina, heiress to the Von Leuschner fortune, when Lawrence Alamain arrived in Salem. The two ended up marrying, and afterward Lawrence demanded his wedding night with Jennifer. Although Jennifer tried to use her wits to get out of the situation, an angry Lawrence wouldn’t take no for an answer and raped Jennifer.

Bedtime Stories: Frankie, Eve, Jack and Jennifer
(May 7, 1991, Vol. 1, Issue 19)
After months of toying with the wrong mates, Frankie, Eve, Jack and Jennifer came to their senses, swapped partners and ended up in the arms of their soul mates. Jack presented Jennifer with an engagement ring, but she refused to accept it, wanting to get through the rape trial first. Jack promised to wait for Jennifer no matter how long it took.

When the Bough Breaks
(Aug. 17, 1993, Vol. 4, Issue 33)
Jack and Jennifer were devastated when their baby daughter, Abigail, was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and learned that she would die unless she received a bone marrow transplant. Together, Jack and Jennifer steeled themselves for the fight of their lives as they began a nationwide search for a donor.

Jack and Jennifer Kiss! What’s Next?
(Aug. 7, 2001, Vol. 12, Issue 32)
After divorcing and spending years apart, Jack returned to Salem, where he and Jennifer bickered for months. That is, until he found a way to quiet her with a kiss. Abby instigated the buss between her parents during a family dinner. The kiss caught Jennifer, who was pining over Colin, off-guard. When Jack proclaimed he still loved his ex-wife, Jennifer had even more to deal with.

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