It's About the Destination!

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Steffy was offscreen for months, while Jacqueline MacInnes Wood was off filming the fifth Final Destination movie, which is slated to hit theaters in August. The actress talks to Weekly about the journey, and why she’s glad to be back home in L.A.!
Soap Opera Weekly: Do you feel like Steffy had her time away, and you were having a similar experience — in terms of being away for a while and then coming back?

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood: Oh, for sure, because I was gone. And it feels good to be back on B&B. We do shoot so much, so that’s the only thing. I’m like, “Oh, God, that’s 80 pages a day!” I’m not ready for that [laughs], but I love everything else. Just being with everybody and figuring out where the storyline goes…because you’re not sure; it’s like you’re doing the show all over again! Usually, before, I had some sort of a direction of where Steffy is going. This time, it was like I had no idea what I was diving into, but I’m really excited for the stuff coming up. I haven’t been this excited for a while!

Weekly: We’re also excited to see you on the big screen, when the movie comes out later this year. I was joking around with several of your castmates about whether we’ll see you die a grisly death. You can’t tell us, can you?

Wood: I can’t tell you, but it is definitely going to be a badass movie. I’m really stoked; I’m really excited to see the seed come into fruition and to see how it turns out. It was a great experience. I got to do a lot of my own stunts, and it definitely kicked my butt in that part. [laughs] You’ll have to wait and see! I can say there’s something that’s pretty awesome that happens…and that’s all I can give you! I got nothing!

Weekly: Okay, okay. But it seems you got to work some different muscles, literally!

Wood: Oh yeah. I lost so much weight from [filming the movie], and everyone’s like, “What the hell happened to you?” It was very physically challenging, for sure. For B&B, of course, it’s crazy [in a different way]: We do like 80 pages a day on a soap! And then you do a movie, and you’re like, “I have 110 pages for four months? This is great!” You’re challenged in both ways, so it’s good to be back at B&B, and be put on my toes. It’s fun to know that every week, you get to find out what’s next for your character — which is always a surprise. It’s a blast for me right now!