ICYMI: Darin Brooks Looks Back At His Awesome 2016

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While this year hasn’t been the best for his loser-in-love alter ego, Wyatt, Darin Brooks is having a stellar 2016. In addition to getting some emotionally rich storylines to sink his teeth into, the actor tied the knot with longtime love Kelly Kruger (ex-Eva, B&B) in a romantic ceremony in Hawaii.



“It was fun putting it together, but then it got stressful because we were doing it from California for a location in Hawaii,” he recalls of planning the nups. “That was a hard part: the time difference, getting people on the phone, trying to see things up close. We just had to trust to get things done and ultimately, everyone pulled through and everything was amazing. We’ll never forget it, but yeah, it is one of the most stressful things that you will do.”
The couple hasn’t had time to take an official honeymoon yet but, “We’re hoping to do something next year on one of our hiatuses,” he shares. “We want to maybe do Europe or Italy or Greece, someplace nice and warm, but right now we’re just trying to work out those details.” Family expansion has also been a discussion in the newlyweds’ home. “Of course we’re thinking about it. We’re talking about it…. nothing yet, but maybe sometime soon. We’ll keep you posted.”
Some of Brooks’s castmates crossed the ocean to attend the ceremony, including Scott Clifton (Liam), Pierson Fodé (Thomas), Linsey Godfrey (Caroline) and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy), which meant a lot to the couple of honor, Brooks reports. “When you spend so much time working with these people, they become a part of your lives and they’re family, too,” he notes. “Scott is my brother, and if he ever needs me, I’m there. I’d do anything for him. We were blessed that a lot of them were able to make it. It was such a great day.”
Brooks, who marked three years on the soap in June, feels the inclusive spirit at B&B extends beyond the actors. “At the start of the show, I knew it was going to be fun just because of when I met Brad [Bell, executive producer/head writer] for the first time and he asked me to do the part,” he recalls. “He was just so down-to-earth. It’s a fun place to work and a fun character to play. Brad is just so open to hearing my thoughts and maybe directions or ideas of where we can take the character. It’s just such an open door of communication and that’s kind of been a really nice thing, as well, for me. Some shows, they don’t let you do that. Some head writers, they won’t let you do that.”
He has enjoyed delving deeper into Wyatt and finding out what makes him tick. “He started out as kind of this bad boy, a bit of a swindler and he had kind of a childlike mentality, but in the past three years, he’s grown up a lot,” Brooks reflects. “He’s had to, especially after everything with his mother. He’s much wiser beyond his years now. He’s become more of an adult. He’s constantly trying to do the right thing. He’s learned that that’s more respectable and, in turn, he’s more respected in the community in which he works, so he has learned a lot. Wyatt has grown up. We both have.”

As for where he’d like to see Wyatt go in 2017, the actor says, “I think we can still do a little darker. I think that would be kind of cool, and, in turn, that would make him grow up even more. It’s just more of a transition into being the man and being the hero.”

Brooks is also focusing on other projects. “I want to produce some of my own things and write some of my own things,” he says. “I’m working on a lot of that on the side right now, and I’ve even been talking to Brad about an idea, so we’ll see what happens. Like the kid thing, if something does happen on that front, we’ll definitely let you know about that, too!”

Brooks says he would be open to a possible pairing of Wyatt and Eva  and working with his wife. “Heck, yeah!” Brooks enthuses. “I would love to work more with Kelly. She’s very talented, and we’ve already worked together on other projects, so it wouldn’t be new. We work together anyway on a daily basis. She runs lines with me for this show. We help each other for auditions or whatever. We write together and we’re producers on things on the side. We work very well together, and I think the reason for that is we’re such opposites. We complement each other. I have my strengths and she’s got opposite strengths. We certainly wouldn’t pull any punches, either. Although, it could get a little nutty, too. I could just see one of the directors in a fight scene or a love scene saying, ‘Uh, okay, that was a little too real. Can you pull it back a little bit [laughs]?’ ”

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Just The Facts

Birthday: May 27

Hails From: Honolulu, HI

The Marrying Man: Brooks wed Kelly Kruger (ex-Eva, B&B; ex-Mackenzie, Y&R) on March 21, 2016 in Hawaii.

Does Making It Legal Change Things? “Yeah, we’re more of a family. We celebrate Hanukkah and Passover on her side, and we also celebrate Easter and Christmas. She’s got her own stocking that we hang at the fireplace. The dogs have their stockings. We’re creating our own little life together. And the taxes aren’t that bad, either.”

Emmy Time: Won for Outstanding Younger Actor in 2009 as DAYS’s Max Brady, which he played from 2005-09 and again in 2010. “It’s in the living room on our bookcase next to the TV, so I see it every day, which is cool.”

What Happens In Vegas: “I love Vegas, and John McCook [Eric] was an entertainer there back in the day. He has the best stories. We talk about Vegas a bunch. He’s the man!”

Did You Know?

• He’s an avid surfer.
• He and Kruger spend a lot of time together as husband and wife. “Cooking together and traveling…. She’s my best friend.”
• Will appear in the upcoming 2017 TV movie as the title character in GROOMZILLA.