Hunter Tylo's Holiday Spirit

One might think a glamorous actress like Hunter Tylo, who stars on a show called THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, lives her life in a very “Hollywood” way. However, this single mom works hard to make sure her children have more of an “H&H” lifestyle — hearth and home.

Tylo goes the extra mile to ensure things are as down-to-earth as possible at home for daughters Izabella, 9, and Katya, 8 — especially during the holidays. The Texas native reports that each year they enjoy “a very traditional” Halloween. “We do the usual: Go trick-or-treating and then we go back and we have some popcorn. We usually make popcorn balls. Christmas is our favorite holiday,” reveals Tylo.

Forget the 12 Days of Christmas — at the Tylo home, it’s more like 31. “We celebrate all month long, doing fun stuff all the time. We bake cookies, we make a lot of candy for our family and stuff like that. That’s really our way of having fun.”

The three always kick off their festivities with some serious decorating. “I put up the whole snow village, and I’ve got oodles of the Department 56 snow village houses — over 200. Do you know how long it takes to hook all those extension cords, sprinkle the snow and put all the people around?” she asks with a laugh. “They’re adorable; the cutest things. A lot of the hands are broken off and glued back on.

“I look at them and I can remember all the little things that have happened,” the mother recalls. “I remember the moment when [the kids] came to me with the sad faces. It’s a sentimental thing. Some things have been busted beyond repair, but I don’t care; that’s what makes it special.”