How Sweet It is

Phyllis and Sharon’s recent chocolate-slinging catfight on Y&R wasn’t without its challenges. Michelle Stafford gives the sticky details.Soap Opera Digest: First of all, was it real chocolate?

Michelle Stafford: It was real chocolate, yes!

Digest: What was your reaction when you first heard about the chocolate fight?

Stafford: I was like, “Oh God… all right.” And then Sharon and I worked it out, and we both knew that we just had to get chocolatized [laughs].

Digest: It’s not like you could have multiple takes, right?

Stafford: Right. We only had one shot to do it.

Digest: What happened when it was time to actually tape the scene? Especially since your head goes right into the chocolate fountain.

Stafford: I said, “Wait a second. I’m supposed to land head-first into this little thing?” And a bunch of people came down to the set, and the writers came down and everyone was talking about it. And then it became such a big deal, and I looked at Sharon and I said, “Oh, my God, I’m nervous!” And she said, “No, let’s just do it!”
Digest: It looked great on screen. How did you guys made it work?

Stafford: She pushed me, and I fell, but then I just got a little chocolate on my face and thought, “Oh, no, I gotta work this out.” So I took, with my hand, a bunch of chocolate and just threw it in my face, just doused myself with it, and then came up. Really quickly, I splashed myself with chocolate so I could come up with chocolate all over my face.

Digest: Then you guys started flinging the stuff around. Was that fun?

Stafford: Well, Sharon knew I was going to throw it at her, but she couldn’t anticipate it. So it went right into her eyes! And chocolate right into your eyes is not a great thing! So it went right into her eyes, and then she threw it back at me, and a little got in my eyes.

Digest: Ouch!

Stafford: Then I see her fall! And for a second I’m like, “Oh, my God, my friend fell. Oh no!”

Digest: Did they stop the scene?

Stafford: No because then I’m thinking, “I gotta fall, too, then!” So I make myself fall and we both tackle each other on the ground in chocolate.

Digest: So, no hard feelings?

Stafford: We were laughing afterwards, we thought it was hilarious. We were just trying to make it fun and entertaining.

Digest: Mission accomplished!