Hot Plots: AMC's Top Summer Storylines

1982: Jenny And Jesse In New York
After Liza gave Jenny (Kim Delaney) a public dressing down, Jenny fled to Manhattan, where her pal, Jesse (Darnell Williams), soon sought refuge after Liza falsely accused him of rape. The tale of their friendship on the run remains an AMC classic.
1992: Erica And Dimitri Fall In Love
One of Erica’s (
Susan Lucci
) most-memorable romances was opposite Michael Nader‘s Dimitri. Their love story, which would ultimately lead to two walks down the aisle, kicked into high gear when, despite her (in-name-only) marriage to Adam, and Dimitri’s attempt to take over her company, the duo’s passion for each other became too hot to ignore.
1980: Cliff And Nina Wed
In one of daytime’s true storybook weddings, Cliff (Peter Bergman) and his beloved Nina (Taylor Miller) were finally pronounced husband and wife on the gorgeous grounds of Cortlandt Manor. The courtship included her father, Palmer, attempting to convince her that she was going blind and that she owed it to Cliff to end their relationship so as not to burden him.
2001: Gillian’s Long Good-Bye
Okay, so it stretched credibility and was far from the happy ending that fans of Gillian (Esta TerBlanche) and Ryan (Cameron Mathison) would have concocted for the duo. After Gillian lost her life to an assassin’s bullet, she stuck around in angelic form to help Ryan move forward. The story also allowed visits from beloved-but-deceased Pine Valley-ites Jesse, Natalie (Kate Collins), Travis (Larkin Malloy) and Cindy (Ellen Wheeler).

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