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Want to know which Ford brother flirts the most in real life? Or who hits the gym the hardest? Digest sat down with ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s David Gregory (Ford), Lenny Platt (Nate) and Nic Robuck (James) to get all the dirty details on these handsome young actors. For more dish on the Fords, pick up a copy of the 12/7 issue, which includes a four-page feature and plenty of gorgeous photos. Soap Opera Digest: Who is the biggest gym rat?

Lenny Platt: David.

David Gregory: I’ll take it!

Digest: Who’s the least likely to hit the gym?

Platt: Well, I run a lot, so I’m not in the gym, per se.

Gregory: You have to push yourself because the men in this genre are watched like hawks.

Platt: I was just reading an interview in Men’s Health with Ryan Kwan, who’s on TRUE BLOOD, and they were asking what he does to stay in shape, what he eats, et cetera, and I was thinking, when you’re on a show like that, not only do they have a higher budget so they might give you a personal trainer or a nutritionist, those actors only work five months a year, as opposed to a soap actor. You have to be ready 24/7! I think there’s something to be said for the work ethic of a soap actor to be able to stay in shape all year.

Digest: Who’s the biggest flirt?
Robuck: Me. There’s a lot of flirting and joking around with my female co-stars, but it’s all in good fun.

Digest: Who’s the easiest to crack up?

Gregory: It’s probably me. I laugh at everything. Sometimes I have to get it out so that I don’t do it on set.

Platt: You and Brittany [Underwood, Langston] were about to crack yesterday. I could see that both of them were a hair away from losing it.

Digest: Which castmate would you most like to work with that you haven’t yet?

Robuck: Erika Slezak [Viki]. I haven’t worked with her at all. Or Jerry verDorn [Clint]. The veterans. Our paths haven’t crossed yet, but I’d like to work with them.

Gregory: Brian Kerwin [Charlie]. I really like him. I’ve followed his career and I just have a lot of respect for him as an actor; I love watching him work.

Digest: How do each of you get along with your leading ladies?

Platt: Kelley [Missal, Dani] and I are great friends. She’s a great girl.

Robuck: Kristen [Alderson, Starr] and I got really close really quick because I moved out here from L.A. and she kinda took me under her wing and made me a new addition to her family, so I go over to their apartment and watch TV and stay up past my bedtime [laughs]. They’ve been very supportive.

Gregory: Aside from being a really great person, I’ve learned so much from Brittany. I asked her the other day, “Are you ever nervous?” and she goes, “No.” Usually when they’re counting down [to tape] there’s just this surge of [anxiety], but she said it’s very rare that she feels that. I put her in the same category as somebody like Tuc [Watkins, David], who I also learned a lot from.

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