At Home With... Robin Strasser Page 2

“We (Ben, Nicholas, Robin and Ben’s girlfriend Dominique) are just off the kitchen in the room [the former owners] used as a family room. It has a huge flagstone fireplace with two cooking areas inside of it and an old copper hood. All of my antique pieces found their way into the room and looked great. That’s an old primitive desk from the 1800s, probably hand-made by a carpenter or a farmer for himself. That’s an old copper chandelier over the table. I decided in the kitchen, instead of replacing the cabinets, which were very dark wood and plain, nothing much to write home about, I would have them done in a low-gloss apple-green. And I found vintage look-alike copper handles for them. With the light oak floors, it is very welcoming. The garden is right out there (to the left). There’s a big sliding door vista of the garden and pool.”