History Lesson: Just Who Was Grant Chambers?

And why did he cause such legal heartache for Ridge recently? To answer that question, Digest takes you back to 1996, when Grant, a talented and very ambitious fashion designer, first came to Los Angeles to work at Forrester Creations.

At the time of his arrival, we also learned that Chambers and Taylor were acquaintances from their college days (at Northwestern University). However, Grant was not happy that Taylor was still pining for her ex-husband Ridge, who was now dallying with Brooke, but still leaning on Taylor for advice. (There was also another familiar face: Clarke, who dated Grant’s sister, but that relationship obviously didn’t go well, as Grant promptly punched Clarke when the two men met again.)

Although Grant flirted with Sheila and bedded a girl named Michael, he fell head over heels in love with Brooke. When she and Ridge started having problems, Brooke began spending more and more time with Grant (like hanging out at a cowboy bar called the Canyon Country Club). When Ridge misunderstood a kiss between Brooke and Grant, he proposed to Taylor!Brooke tried to force Ridge into calling off his engagement and coming back to her by popping the question to Grant. When Ridge didn’t comply, Brooke reluctantly eloped with Grant while out to sea. After they were married, Brooke decided to take a break from work and installed her new husband as CEO of Forrester Creations (remember, as majority stockholder at the time, she called the shots).

It wasn’t long before Grant and his pushy office politics ruffled the Forresters, especially Ridge. Not surprisingly, someone slipped into Grant’s office while he was working late one night and plugged him with a couple of bullets. When the police arrived, a barely alive Grant fingered Ridge as his assailant. Forrester was promptly arrested and put on trial for attempted murder as his family worked to prove his innocence.

Grant finally approached Ridge and confessed the truth: a then-preteen Rick was the real shooter. It seemed Brooke’s emotionally disturbed son did the deed and then blocked it out of his memory. Grant only made the false accusation in order to protect his stepson.

Upon hearing this shocking information, Ridge decided to follow through with Grant’s plan by showing up in court and taking responsibility for the shooting. Just when it looked like Ridge was going to prison for a very long time, Grant arrived at the sentencing hearing and asked for leniency by claiming that he provoked Ridge. The judge handed down three years of probation, but warned Ridge never to be caught with a firearm or else he would go straight to jail.

When Brooke discovered that her marriage was invalid (the officiating sea captain turned out to be a phony), she decided not to stay in a relationship with Grant, who was then let go from Forrester. Grant retaliated by taking his collection to Spectra, which almost bankrupted Forrester. Grant fell in love with Sally’s daughter, Macy, but soon after they happily tied the knot, he died of testicular cancer.

In 2007, Grant’s name came up repeatedly when a suicidal Shane died from a gun that fired while he was struggling with Ridge. Although Ridge didn’t really shoot Grant, he had confessed to the crime and that felony was still on his permanent record. Recalling the judge’s warning from years ago, Ridge dumped Shane’s body into the ocean, thus resulting in an eventual charge of first-degree murder.

Luckily, a now-adult Rick lied on the witness stand that he remembered shooting Grant, Ridge’s prior conviction was expunged and he was found not guilty of murder.

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