He Said, He Said

Soap Opera Weekly talked to BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s Don Diamont (Bill) and John McCook (Eric) within days of each other about their characters’ rivalry. Unsurprisingly, they each think their guy is going to come out on top!

Soap Opera Weekly: So, if we had to place bets on who comes out ahead in this particular conflict between Eric and Bill, would it be Bill?

Don Diamont: I would never bet against Bill. If you’re going to knock him down, if you’re going to take him on, you had better kill him. Because he will just keep coming. He will just keep on coming. You could have three guys with baseball bats beating this guy down. They had better make sure that they don’t leave him with a breath or with a pulse, because he will come back.

Aaaand the next day…

Weekly: I can’t wait to see the Eric versus Bill war continue to heat up.

John McCook: Oh, it’s all going to be good. It’s good that he’s on the air now, and I loved [Don Diamont’s] first scene. Laurette, my wife, watches [the show], and she’s like, “Oh, he’s so clean as an actor.” It’s so clean, he takes his time and he doesn’t mess it up with a lot of stuff that’s extraneous. Diamont is really rising to the occasion. I’m glad to have him here.

Weekly: But whenever I talk to him about the Eric/Bill war, he insists Bill is going to win — and land Donna.

McCook: Oh, of course, and he’s convinced. And I know that he won’t, because Bill’s a bad guy. Maybe he’ll get a girl here and there, but he’s not gonna get mine [laughs]!