Hats All Folks!

Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie, B&B) has had a long love affair with hats. “I like them because they’re easy,” says the actress. Here is a gallery of head-toppers she’s worn through the years.Isn’t She Lovely

“My first boyfriend Bruce took that of me and I was 19. I remember this outfit for some reason. The material looks like a bad couch.”Black Magic

“That was at my first house in Malibu. That hat was a plain old black thing and I got all this netting and covered it up. I was so proud of it and I said to my husband, ‘Darling, take a picture of me lying in the garden with the daisies and the bees.’ I actually did get stung that day.”Red Alert

“This hat has a special significance. When I was in my 20s, I did a whole day photo shoot with Cecil Beaton for the Daily Telegraph. He was the queen’s photographer and that hat, which I put on backwards here, in those days cost about a $1,000! It was handmade by the queen’s milliner. That hat was unbelievably amazing. It’s a $1,000 piece of netting.”Of A Feather

“This was in New York City. I was about 20. Some photographer wanted to take this picture then Life magazine saw it and they put me on the cover. They loved this photograph so much that they recreated it, but if you look at the actual cover, it’s a fur hat that I’m wearing.”
The Ride Stuff

“This was for the movie, Indiscreet with Robert Wagner. It’s the first time I was back in England after my divorce from Bill [Friedkin]. I went on the set that morning and it was so cold, and they said, ‘That’s your horse.’ It was the biggest white stallion I ever saw. So they held the horse very tightly and they shot the horse from the ears up so it looked like I was riding him.”Yee-Haw!

“This was in my cowboy-hat-loving days. This was at the Hollywood Christmas Parade [in 2005]. I had the flu and I had just gotten back from England. I was so sick there.”Royal Pain

“This was in Monaco [in 2007]. I wore that hat because I had gone out the night before with a bunch of people. One of them was that adorable Dennis Haysbert from THE UNIT. He is so cute. The other guy was Eric Close from WITHOUT A TRACE. Oh, my God, I woke up with SUCH a hangover so I wore the hat because I didn’t have time to do my hair.”Not The Last Straw

“That was about 10 years ago and that’s just on my beach in Malibu. I thought this hat was perfect for the beach.”

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