Happy Frantz-giving!

Weekly dished with Adrienne Frantz (Amber, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL) about what’s on the menu for Thanksgiving.Soap Opera Weekly: Do you and fiancé Scott Bailey (ex-Sandy, GUIDING LIGHT) have big plans for the holidays?

Adrienne Frantz: We’re doing a huge Thanksgiving. We’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house, for all of our friends and family. We have, like, 40 people coming to the house. It’ll be a big Thanksgiving, that’s for sure!

Weekly: Is this your first time hosting so many people, or have you done large get-togethers before?

Frantz: I’m pretty good with the big parties. It’s easy; you just make food for an army [laughs]. And we have everyone bringing something, too. Someone’s in charge of the green bean casserole, and someone’s in charge of mashed potatoes.

Weekly: What are you handling yourself?

Frantz: I’ll make turkey and this thing called “Grandma rolls,” which is my grandmother’s yeast biscuit recipe. It’s actually my great-great-great-grandma’s recipe. They’re these old-fashioned rolls, and everyone loves them, because they’re baked with butter! You bake the rolls in butter, and it soaks up into them. It’s to die for. So, I’ll make stuff like that, and stuffing. Everyone brings something. It’s somewhat of a potluck!