Hand It To Ronn Moss

Throw something Ronn Moss’ way and he’s sure to catch it — but with which hand?

The answer is, either one! The vet who plays Ridge on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is ambidextrous. “Most people favor one hand exclusively,” he explains. “I can do pretty much equal things with both and I gravitated to both.”

Back in the day, social convention looked down on being a lefty, so most adults with Moss’ special abilities are lefties who’ve been trained to use their right. That’s not the story with Moss. “Nobody ever said, ‘You have to use your right.’ I would just gravitate to one,” he recalls. “It was one of those weird brain things that, when I was a kid, I would wake up knowing I was either left or right handed that day. It was just my brain sorting it out.”

These days, Moss favors his left hand when he’s holding a pen, but his unique skill gives him an edge at autograph singing.”I can sign twice as fast if I need to,” he brags. “I’ve gone through thousands of autographs at a signing and I literally go with both hands.”

Moss may not do any magic on B&B — at least not literally — but that doesn’t mean his hands aren’t worth watching!