Gunning For Dad

Courtney’s deception — telling Diego that Alcazar is not his father — almost blows up in her face this week on GENERAL HOSPITAL, when Diego sets out to kill him.

“Courtney has been trying to protect Diego,” defends Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney). “She doesn’t want him to get involved in the mob. If he finds out his father is Alcazar, he’s definitely going to want in.”

Unfortunately, Diego then concludes that Alcazar must have killed his father. “Diego finds out that Alcazar did business with his father and had an affair with his mother. It can only mean one thing,” offers Ignacio Serricchio (Diego).

So Diego heads to Alcazar’s apartment armed with a pistol. “He’s not going to kill him then,” sets up Serricchio. “Diego wants to find out the truth from Alcazar. But when he gets there he finds his sister beaten up and lying on Alcazar’s apartment floor.” With no sign of Alcazar. “That pushes Diego over the edge.”

Diego heads to Metro Court, pulls out a gun and points it at Alcazar. “He says, ‘This is for my father,’ ” previews Serricchio.

But before he can pull the trigger, Courtney races in. “She tells Diego to stop,” reveals Willis, “that Alcazar is his father.”

“Diego doesn’t believe her,” sniffs Serricchio. “His first thought is: ‘You don’t want me to kill him. That’s why you’re saying this.’ “

Will Courtney be able to convince him before it’s too late?

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