A Guide to OLTL's Cramers

Mitch may be behind bars on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, but that doesn’t mean the Cramer women are out of harm’s way. This week, Dorian and Co. will receive devastating news about one of their own. In case you need a refresher — and want to take a guess at whose life is in danger — here’s a who’s who of the feisty Cramer family. For more on the story, be sure to pick up the March 2 issue of Digest.Dorian Lord: A Lord by marriage, Dorian is the middle daughter of the late Lou Cramer and Sonya Roskova. Also a doctor, she was named mayor of Llanview last November after life-long rival Viki had to step down from the position. She lives at La Boulaie and is currently single, although she receives frequent visits from her ex-husband David (who she still loves) and the spirit of her late husband, Mel. Melinda Cramer: This former concert pianist has been in and out of mental hospitals for most of her adult life. She wed Peter Janssen between stints in the loony bin but it has never been revealed who fathered her children, Kelly and Paul. We last saw Melinda in 2004, when Kelly brought stolen baby Ace to see her mom, and Melinda thought the boy was Paul.

Agatha “Addie” Cramer: Dorian and Melinda were led to believe that Addie had died from pneumonia as a teen, while their parents secretly placed her in a mental facility. Dorian reunited with her sister in 1992, when it was revealed that Blair, the woman who’d been tormenting her, was actually Addie’s daughter, the product of a rape that took place at one of Addie’s institutions. With a simple, childlike demeanor, Addie remained a fixture at Llanview sanitarium St. Ann’s, but on Christmas Eve in 2007, she stunned her family with her miraculous recovery, thanks to the use of an experimental medication. She now resides at La Boulaie. Cassie Cramer: Dorian gave birth to Cassie while attending medical school in the ’60s, but her boyfriend David Renaldi (also a concert pianist) ran off with the tot and left her to be raised by his mother in California. Dorian did not see Cassie until 1981, when the young woman came to Llanview. Unfortunately, Cassie inherited her aunts’ madness and after she suffered a nervous breakdown in 1999, she went to Switzerland to rehabilitate. She now lives in Savannah, GA, with son River, who she adopted with ex-husband Andrew.

Blair Cramer: After spending much of her life in crummy foster homes, Blair arrived in Llanview in 1991 intent on getting revenge against her Aunt Dorian, who she believed had Addie committed. She has two children with ex-husband Todd and is the owner of Llanview hotspot Capricorn, where she occasionally showcases her vocal talents.

Adriana Cramer: Adriana came to town in 2003, when the 15-year-old was visiting her godmother (really her aunt) Carlotta. As it turned out, she was Dorian’s daughter from her secret marriage to Puerto Rican crime boss Manuel Santi, who was also Carlotta’s brother. She has frequently clashed with her mom over her love life, and in 2008, she headed to Paris to work on her fashion line after her short-lived marriage to Rex went bust.
Kelly Cramer: Raised by Melinda until she was 9, Kelly spent most of her formative years in boarding schools. After she was kicked out of a Paris school in 1995, she came to live with her Aunt Dorian, who sought to turn her into a refined young lady. She has a complicated history with her cousin Blair, who she accidentally ran down with her car in 1997 and caused Blair to lose the baby she was having with Patrick. After many attempts to have a child with ex-husband Kevin, she became pregnant from a one-night stand with his late son, Duke. She and Kevin decided to reconcile in 2006 and headed to London to raise Zane, but they have since split up. Her bad-seed brother, Paul, who stole a baby from Pine Valley for her to raise, was murdered in 2004.

Starr Manning: Starr was born to dysfunctional parents Todd and Blair in 1996 (although she’s now 18) and tried every which way to reunited them. At age 16, she lost her virginity to first love Cole and, after enduring a complicated ordeal in which they thought their baby was dead, the couple now lives together and is raising their healthy baby girl, Hope. She recently learned she has a sister, Danielle, from her dad’s years-ago romp with his ex-wife/lawyer on a deserted island.

Langston Wilde: Dorian befriended classmate Langston, a tortured poet and self-proclaimed freak, in 2006. Dorian noticed something was up when Langston’s parents were never around, and she hired Rex to find out what was going on. When Dorian discovered that Langston had been living alone since her parents’ death a year earlier, she took the girl in and eventually adopted her. Now 18, Langston lives with Starr, Cole and her longtime boyfriend Markko, but she is grappling with her feelings for hunky film professor Ford.

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