Greg Vaughan

Greg Vaughan (Eric, DAYS) gave an extensive interview to Serial Scoop about his impending exit from DAYS. The actor, who last filmed at the show in mid-November, says, "I’ve actually wrapped up my storyline and am no longer contractually on the show anymore. But the story is creatively going somewhere spectacular in my opinion. All the pieces start [slowly] coming together, making a great storyline and show.” As for his exit scenes, which are expected to air in earl spring, he teases, " It's going to really rip your heart out, in so many ways. The irony of this is, that during the last two weeks, I was told my performances had been really good, as you never know until you see the air show. But I felt it had been my best work to date since coming on board, and soon after crossed paths with Mr. [Ken] Corday [executive producer], who reiterated, I’d been doing some fantastic work. So, if there was ever a time to wonder if your boss even noticed, I guess it answered my question.” For the full story, click here.