Green Thumb

Soap Opera Digest: Did you have a good time being on MARTHA?
Beth Ehlers: Oh, please, Martha Stewart? She’s a goddess. I love her, I adore her.Digest: Do you watch her show?
Ehlers: Oh, yeah. We do at work. We used to watch her show when it was on at 9 [a.m.] before GUIDING LIGHT, and now it’s on after GUIDING LIGHT, so yeah.

Digest: Do you garden regularly?
Ehlers: I do. I have a garden, but it’s a vegetable garden. Three years ago, I dragged my girlfriend to my house, plied her with alcohol and said, “You’re helping me do my garden.” And we literally were out there chopping and hacking to make a plot, and so I grow tomatoes and herbs in the summer. Digest: How do they turn out?
Ehlers: The first year, fabulously. The second year, I didn’t realize a tree had grown and canopied, so there was way too much shade, so I didn’t get as many tomatoes as I wanted. It was a very wet year, too. I mean to ask Martha, my thyme is hopeless. I have no luck with my thyme. Rosemary’s good, parsley, oregano, just can’t do the thyme, [but gardening], it’s so fun and so easy. Tomatoes are like weeds, essentially. Just make sure that you put stakes in and tie them up.Digest: Did you ever grow begonias like Martha’s?
Ehlers: I know nothing about begonias, but I am going to do this. I said to Martha, “You have to have me back on [the show], and I’ll bring my begonia with me.” I wanted to do inside plants, but I have dogs and boys!Digest: It must have been a treat to work with Martha and the plants then.
Ehlers: You know, there’s something so sweet and almost childlike about her when it comes to food and gardening. She just really is like a child with this stuff. You can’t help but be enthused by her. It’s really nice that there’s still somebody in the world who reminds us to slow down and do it from scratch.Digest: What did you really want to get out of appearing on MARTHA?
Ehlers: Just to learn whatever she wanted to teach me, and to meet her. I admire her so much as a woman. I think she’s a role model for women. [She shows] that women can achieve anything.Digest: Now you and Martha have both been nominated for Emmys. Since you’ve met, do you think you’ll see each other on Emmy night in April?
Ehlers: I go to the Tech Emmys every year, which is a blast, so if I see her at the Tech Emmys, certainly I’ll go up and just shake her hand again!

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