Going Public

Whenever the lords and ladies of Llanview converge for a major event, a juicy secret is almost always revealed. And we’re not talking about interrupted weddings and declarations of love for the bride or groom. In light of the recent reveal that David is a Buchanan at the Go Red Ball, we created the following timeline of memorable OLTL events gone awry and the bombshells that ruined them. Masquerade Ball, 1981:

In honor of his new wife, Samantha (Dorian LoPinto, far r.), Asa threw a costume gala and was shocked by a very unwelcome guest, Asa’s ex-wife, Olympia (Tania Elg). When Clint and Bo were children, Asa sent their mother away after learning that she’d slept with ranch hand Yancey Ralston, who was likely Bo’s real father. Asa lied to his sons that Olympia died, but when she resurfaced in Paris, Asa had her flown to Llanview and kept her hidden in a mansion called Moor Cliffe. On the evening of his party, Olympia escaped and locked Sam in a freezer, then crashed the ball in Sam’s dress and mask. She confronted Bo with the truth that she was alive, then pulled a gun on Asa. A struggle ensued, and she went flying over the balcony to the ground below. On her death bed, she told Bo, “Pat … your father…” which led to Bo briefly believing that Asa was not his dad.The Banner’s 50th Anniversary Gala, 1985:

Tina Clayton, the daughter of Viki’s late friend, Irene, discovered a secret room in Llanfair that contained Victor’s secret belongings. Among them was a letter intended to be delivered to Viki confessing that he fathered Tina! When Tina showed the letter to Viki only to have her big sis accuse her of forgery, Tina was so furious that she used it to publicly humiliate Viki. At a gala celebrating Victor’s legacy, a photocopy of the confessional letter was placed in every program, prompting Viki to slap Tina in front of all the guests.

Woman Of The Year Awards, 1999:

This annual event has become something of a forum for airing the honoree’s dirty laundry instead of applauding her good works. In 1999, the recipient was Nora (Hillary B. Smith, far r.), who was pregnant at the time with Bo’s (Robert S. Woods) child. While presenting Nora with the award, Lindsay (Catherine Hickland) took the opportunity to reveal that her rival had slept with Sam and was carrying his baby — not Bo’s. Several paternity tests later, her claim was disproved, but it essentially ruined any shred of trust between Nora and Bo. Secrets and Lies Dinner Party, 2001:

Colin (Ty Treadway) summoned his enemies, including unrequited love Nora (Hillary B. Smith), to a literal last supper to announce his plans to trade Llanview for Maui. He then tried to blackmail everyone by revealing various secrets he knew about them, but he never got the chance to carry out his plan. During a struggle with Nora later that evening, he fell down a flight of stairs to his death. Woman Of The Year Awards, 2002:

Llanview’s resident therapist Rae Cummings (Linda Dano) was exposed as a fraud after confessing to Antonio and Keri that she never received her license, and had been using the tossed-away diploma of an old friend. When Asa (Phil Carey) heard the news about his court-appointed therapist, he made sure it became front-page news and surprised her with the telltale newspaper at the Awards dinner. Daniel Colson’s Swearing-In Ceremony, 2005:

When Nora hastily married District Attorney Daniel Colson and ignored multiple clues that he was cheating on her, we were shaking our heads for months. But thanks to a little undercover detective work that involved Rex and Bo going to a gay bar, the dynamic duo got the goods on Daniel. At Daniel’s swearing-in ceremony for the post of lieutenant governor, Bo dropped the bomb that Daniel not only had a gay lover, but killed Jen Rappaport and tried to frame her for the murder of Paul Cramer.

Woman of the Year Awards, 2007:

Although Lindsay was thrilled that she’d been chosen as Woman of the Year, she could feel the walls closing in on her as she made her acceptance speech. After vowing that she would do anything for her children, John arrived to arrest her for the murder of Spencer Truman. Marcie (Kathy Brier) jumped to her defense, but Lindsay assured her friend that everything would be fine (not revealing the even bigger secret of why she killed Spencer, which was that he knew Marcie’s adopted son, Tommy, was really Todd’s missing child). The Buchanan Enterprises Shareholders Meeting, 2008:

Dorian (Robin Strasser) selected the highly public event to dish several earth-shattering secrets, including that she’d bought enough shares of BE to take over the company. After revealing that Jared Banks had been posing as a Buchanan, Nash accused Jared of costing Nash the vineyard with his lies. The men took their argument outside and things escalated; Nash crashed through the skylight and was fatally injured.

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