Go West! Braeden Wraps Film

Eric Braeden, executive producer and star of the indie western The Man Who Came Back, hopes to have the film rounded up by Christmas.

“I’m never someone to put the cart before the horse, but I’m beginning to have a very good feeling about it,” smiles Braeden (Victor, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS). He finally got to shoot the remake last spring after years of dreaming about it.

“The cast was just wonderful,” he continues. “George Kennedy, Billy Zane, James Patrick Stewart (ex-Justin, ALL MY CHILDREN), Armand Asante, Peter Jason (Jeff, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES), Sean Young and Jennifer O’Dell (ex-Lana, GENERAL HOSPITAL) — they are wonderful actors. But also wonderful to work with. There was a real camaraderie. They wanted to help out and I so appreciate what they did.”

Ever since the six-week shoot wrapped, Braeden has been tied to the editing room — he even spent his summer hiatus in there. “It’s very tedious work, but it’s also exciting,” he confides. “You see the movie in a microcosmic way and then you also have a bigger view of the overall picture. It assumes its own rhythm and you realize, ‘That doesn’t fit there. It would go better here,’ or you take it out completely. It’s an interesting process.”

One that won’t be easy to leave behind. “We are close to the final lock on the edit,” he cheers. “In other words, we’re close to putting the editing behind us and moving on to sound design and music. But it’s so hard [to walk away]! You can always finagle some things, change a scene here and there. Finally, you have to trust your instincts and say, ‘That’s it.’

“When it’s finally done, it’s an emotional high, and at the same time a bit of a depression,” he admits. “I’m shooting to finish the film by about Christmas, but it doesn’t end there. Then you sell the film!”

Which means Braeden will be doing the marketing circuit. “I will be going to many cities to meet fans and people and talk about it, because I so strongly believe in the film. It’s mine!”