On The Go With Christian J. Leblanc

Just take a peek at our events page and you will see that Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael) is a very busy man. Here, he chats about his upcoming appearances.The Tennessee Williams Literary Festival in New Orleans, LA, March 26: “It’s Tennessee Williams‘s 100th birthday so I’m down there to read from some of his work along with [actress] Caroll Baker [Baby Doll], [actress] Shirley Knight [Sweet Bird of Youth], [author] Armistead Maupin [Tales of the City], [actress] Grace Zabriskie [BIG LOVE] and [actor/writer/director/producer] John Waters [Hairspray]. Then the next day, it ends with the Stella contest, where a woman in a slip stands on a balcony and Jackson Square is just full of people. The contestants have two tries to yell, ‘Stella!’ just like Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire. They fall to their knees and rip their T-shirts. It’s the funniest damn thing. You have to You Tube it. The first time I stumbled upon it, Winsor Harmon [Thorne] and I had finished a charity gig and we walked into Jackson Square with people in hysterics because the Stella contest was going on. It’s been going on for years. This year, I’m judging it and I will be up on the balcony with Stella.”

The Mad Hatter’s Designer Competition in Thibodaux, LA, April 3: “I’m the master of ceremonies and I’m taking Brandon Beemer [Owen, B&B] and Nadia Bjorlin [Chloe, DAYS] down for the Mad Hatters, which I do every year. There are Mad Hatters all over the country and raise money for local charities. This one is like Steel Magnolias with all these Southern ladies on their third Mimosas. There’s a fashion show contest and everyone is wearing their Easter hats. It’s just a ball and they’re hysterical. They raise money for scholarships and named one after my mother, who passed away. It’s a nursing scholarship so I like to help fund that. Y&R, B&B and DAYS are all sending along items to be auctioned off so it’s really nice. Brandon and Nadia have never been down there so I’m looking forward to showing them a good time.”

Brokerage Entertainment Club in Bellmore, NY, May 14 and Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Point Pleasant, NJ, May 15:Sean Kanan [Deacon, Y&R] and I are doing comedy shows in the East and I have not gone to New York City for a publicity event — ever! It’s going to be a lot of fun. I like to call it The Go-Into-Your-Room-And-Think-About-What-You-Did Tour. I’m terrified but Sean has done stand up really well for years so he’s taking me under his wing. We’re doing our own publicity and I think it’s going to be a ball. I’ve gone back East many times but never for a Y&R fan event, so I’m really excited. Stand-up comedy fascinates me. I’ve done sketch comedy so now I’m moving closer to maybe doing my very own standup gig after this. It’s going to be a while … we’ll see.”