How Well Do You Know YOUNG AND RESTLESS's Gloria?

She’s feisty and naughty … and has a fabulous sense of fashion. Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell has lived a life full of schemes and dreams, and though she’s had her heart broken, has never given up her quest for love and respect. Here’s your chance to test your knowledge on Genoa City’s glorious Gloria.

1. What was the first name of Gloria’s first husband?

a) Tom
b) Lowell
c) Lyle
d) Evan

2. What job did Gloria hold before working for Jabot?

a) waitress
b) lounge singer
c) makeup salesperson
d) funeral home operator

3. Where did Gloria live before coming to Genoa City?

a) Milwaukee, WI
b) Chicago, IL
c) New Orleans, LA
d) Detroit, MI

4. Name the male escorts whom Gloria hired to pose as her sons: (Bonus: Which one did she end up sleeping with?)

a) Jim and Dan
b) Steven and Ben
c) Ed and Ben
d) Steven and Jim
5. Where did John Abbott and Gloria hold their first wedding before renewing their vows?

a) In the Abbott living room
b) At a casino
c) On a cruise
d) At the GCAC

6. After learning that Gloria was Michael and Kevin’s mother, what ailment did John suffer which led to her caring for him and him forgiving her for hiding the truth?

a) heart attack
b) stroke
c) broken hip
d) head injury

7. What is Gloria’s most recent position at Jabot?

a) Vice President of Fashion and Makeup
b) Vice President of Marketing and Design
c) Vice President of International Advertising
d) Vice President of Creative Affairs

8. Name the woman who allegedly died from using the Jabot moisturizer that Gloria tainted:

a) Emma Gibson
b) Emily Andrews
c) Jennifer Mitchell
d) Kelly Simmons

9. Gloria has drugged all of the following people with a libido enhancer except:

a) Jill Foster
b) William Bardwell
c) Victor Newman
d) Ji Min Kim

10. What song did Gloria sing for William in front of everyone at the NVP Gala?

a) “It Had To Be You”
b) “My Funny Valentine”
c) “Undecided”
d) “Fever”


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