GL Recaps Week of Aug. 1, 2005

Friday, August 5, 2005
Gus and Harley planned their wedding in Company, but he was still angry about seeing her with Mallet the night before. He also didn’t buy that she forgot their appointment with the wedding planner. “You don’t forget anything, ever,” he told her, “Now, ducking something, that’s completely different.” He suggested postponing the wedding because he knew she believed Alan’s story about Phillip being alive. Mallet slid into their booth then, stating he knew something about Phillip. Harley moved closer to Gus, until her fiancé got up to call the wedding planner. Harley scolded Mallet — with a smile on her face for Gus’s benefit — about telling Gus anything about their investigation into Phillip’s death. Mallet told her he talked to the janitor in the building where Phillip was supposedly kept and that a doctor and a nurse regularly made late-night visits. Gus came back over to their table, and asked if Lizzie was going to be a bridesmaid. Harley went over to talk to Lizzie— who was complaining to Cooper about her credit card being declined. She told Lizzie that she could stop Alan from telling stories by having the police exhume Phillip’s body. Lizzie refused. Meanwhile, Gus asked Mallet what he was really talking to Harley about. Later, Lizzie told Gus what Harley asked her to do.

Newly returned from his business trip, Jeffrey greeted Cassie outside of Company with a passionate kiss. She told him about running into Sonia in his hotel room, but he insisted she was an old friend, who was now out of his life. She got a hold of his little black book, and looked for her name inside, mocking him for the rating system he had for the women in it. Together, they threw it out, just as Reva and Josh ran up to them to explain what happened to Tammy. Cassie blew up at Reva about being so concerned with her guilt over Jonathan that Tammy had to pay the price. Jeffrey went inside to get Mallet to organize a search team. When he came back out, he escorted Cassie to the hotel to wait for news. Reva told Josh that Nate plays on fear. She knew Jonathan was terrified by water, and reminded her husband about the boat Nate rented.

In the motel, Jonathan toweled off, and recalled Tammy saying, “I wish I never met you,” over and over. The manager came up to offer him a tour of the town — and by tour she meant make out in his bed. He kept picturing Tammy instead of the manager. Sandy knocked on the door, and told him Tammy had been kidnapped by Nate. Jonathan looked ready to spring into action, but then pretended he didn’t care, and told Sandy to find her himself.

Nate escorted a bound and gagged Tammy to the docks. She kept trying to reach her cell phone, and tried to escape a couple times, but Nate wouldn’t let her go. She knew he was setting a trap for Jonathan, and pleaded with him not to hurt her cousin. He spotted her cell phone and used it to call Jonathan, but before the call went through, Reva and Josh called out to Tammy — without seeing her. Tammy screamed, but Nate covered her mouth and dragged her away. Sandy joined them and said that Jonathan was in a motel and refused to come help. They agreed that the docks were deserted — probably because they didn’t search very hard.

Harley approached Phillip’s grave, with a crowbar behind her back. Mallet found Harley trying to break into Phillip’s tomb. He offered to help her, “before the police show up.” She laughed and said, “you are the police.”

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Thursday, August 4, 2005
In the aftermath of the car accident, Jonathan tried to leave Sandy
unconscious in the car, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. He lifted
Sandy out of the car, and when Foster came to, explained that he saved
their lives by grabbing the wheel from Sandy and swerving to avoid a
truck. Jonathan knew he’d be blamed for the accident, so he promised to
cut ties with Springfield and left, but not before asking Sandy to tell
Reva she did the right thing by giving him up.

Danny and Marina canoodled happily outside of Company. Marina ran
inside to grab drinks, and came back out in time to overhear Danny
leaving a message for Michelle. After, Marina told him she was ready to
move out. Danny took off to a meeting, while Frank confronted his
daughter over her moving out plans. He was sad that she was growing up
so quickly.

Michelle dropped in on a naked Bill, prompting her to cover her face,
and mutter, “Lucky Olivia”. She told him she needed a place to stay and
asked what was happening between Danny and Marina. When he wondered why
she wanted to keep a low profile, she pulled aside her coat to reveal
her pregnant stomach…. Just then Danny knocked on the door. Michelle
hid in the closet, while Danny asked Bill about apartments. Bill told
him that Lewis Construction was remodeling Beacon hotel rooms into
condos. Danny took off to tell Marina, and Michelle came out and told
Bill she needed to remain out of sight until she knew who the father of
her baby was.

Reva called Josh, who was with Frank, and asked him to come over. Over
the phone, she explained how she tied up Nate. She went downstairs to
check on the captive, only to find him gone (Tammy had untied him
earlier because he convinced her that Jonathan tied him up and was
after Reva). When Josh showed up, he was furious at Reva for always
calling him to clean up her messes. She tearfully told him she feared
Nate would kill Jonathan. Just then, the police showed up with Sandy
and he explained the car accident, and that Jonathan was gone, but
neglected to share Jonathan’s message for Reva.

Jonathan, meanwhile, checked into a hotel outside of town and despite
picturing Tammy, hit on the manager and introduced himself as Sandy

Nate convinced Tammy to help him search for Jonathan around town,
although he wouldn’t let her out of his sight, and insisted they stay
together. Nate claimed Jonathan had rented a boat and was going to
murder Reva, just as he did Marissa. Tammy, who knew her cousin hated
water, didn’t buy that and figured out Reva had tied Nate up. She tried
to get away from him. Frank heard her screaming, but Nate pulled Tammy
away so they wouldn’t be found.
Wednesday, August 3, 2005
Sandy and Tammy enjoyed a sunlit morning, when
Jonathan stumbled into the patio where they were hanging out, clutching
a six pack of beer. Jonathan tried to pick a fight with Sandy, by
telling him about his recent kiss with Tammy, but covered by saying he
was really referring to a kiss they shared when he first came to town.
Later Sandy went off to work, and Jonathan taunted Tammy, telling her
he really didn’t care about anyone now that he had the money. Tammy
stalked off after slapping him and Sandy returned. He took Jonathan’s
keys to drive him home, because Jon was really drunk. In the car,
Jonathan almost slipped that he loved Tammy and suddenly a horn blared
and Jonathan wrenched the steering wheel from Sandy’s hands.

Marina answered a phone call in Company from a
detective, and talked about her undercover assignment. Danny surprised
her with concert tickets for that evening, but she had to refuse
because of work. While unpacking, he dropped a suitcase and found a
bikini. She claimed she was trying to change her style. Suddenly his
phone rang — cut to Michelle in the airport. She hung up when he

Bill ran across Rick outside of Company, and
mentioned he had just received a letter from Michelle. They talked
about how she would always have feelings for Danny. Bill then headed
inside to offer help. Marina came out and told Rick she knew he wanted
Michelle to come home. Michelle lurked around the corner and
overheard them. Marina later went back inside, and told Danny to meet
her in the courtyard. Marina came out in a 1950’s housedress and then
pulled it open to reveal a bikini. Back outside, Bill spotted Tammy
sitting on a bench and told her to stop trying to win over Jonathan.
She decided to go see Aunt Reva. Bill meanwhile headed home and took
off his clothes to surprise Olivia. Just then Michelle walked in the

Meanwhile, at Reva’s, she had Nate tied up. She
tried to punish him the way he punished Jonathan. Eventually she
decided to kill him, and threw her belongings around the living room,
even breaking the lock on her front door to make it look like Nate
broke in and attacked her. She said she was going to call the police,
put duct tape over his mouth and walked out. Tammy came in a few
minutes later, and ripped the tape off. Nate put on one of his acts: he
got emotional and claimed that Jonathan killed Marissa and that Reva could be next.Tuesday, August 2, 2005
Dinah wondered why Edmund told her to have a good alibi for that
evening. She was ordering a beer at the bar, when Mallet chided her for
ordering alcohol. They snarked back and forth at each other (flirting
or fighting?) and eventually Dinah walked out while Mallet was in

The lights went out at Cassie’s farm — courtesy of Edmund. Cassie
blamed it on the storm, but then a bolt of lightning illuminated
Edmund’s face from outside. He claimed he came to drop off the divorce
papers, and then went outside to “check the lights” and switched the
fuse box back on. Back inside, he told her he didn’t want them to sell
the farm, that he wanted her to have it for her children. She was
touched. Dinah rushed in pretending she forgot her prenatal vitamins.
When Cassie was upstairs looking for them, Edmund told Dinah that
Cassie was fighting him over the farm. Dinah demanded he sign the
papers so this whole situation would end. She eventually left, but
really lurked outside and heard Cassie thank Edmund for giving her the

Reva called Nate and told him to come to the house and get the Lewis
money. Bill came by to talk to her about Josh and to warn her that she
shouldn’t be alone. She finally convinced him she wouldn’t do anything
crazy and sent him away.

Olivia ran into Josh in a corridor at the Beacon Hotel. Josh claimed he
was only there for one night to give him and Reva some space. He and
Olivia discussed their marriages — alluding to their own failed
marriage. Later they met Bill for dinner. Olivia suggested Josh break
the cycle of fighting between him and Reva and let absence make the
heart grow fonder.

Nate showed up at Reva’s, demanding his son and money (way to have your
priorities straight.) She made him a drink, and managed to sneak
something into it. He freaked when he figured out that she lied to him
about Jonathan coming to the house…. Meanwhile Josh stood outside the
door, trying to convince himself to go in and make up with his wife,
just as inside, Nate pushed Reva onto the couch, pinned her hands
behind her head and bit her chin before kissing her roughly. Outside,
Josh talked himself out of going inside. Suddenly Nate collapsed on top
of Reva. She pushed him off of her. As he lay on the floor, she
screamed at him: “You want to play, Nate? Don’t play a player!” Monday, August 1, 2005
After a brief delay to announce the appointment of John Bolton….
Edmund told Dinah he was going to bug Jeffrey’s room while the DA was
on a business trip. Dinah expressed reluctance to keep hurting Cassie.
Later, Edmund snuck into Jeffrey’s room. A woman grabbed him and kissed
him. He claimed he was dropping off papers, and learned that she had a
sporadic relationship with O’Neil.

Meanwhile at the farm, Ross expressed his wish that Cassie would have
more of an influence over his daughter than Edmund. Later, Cassie gave
Dinah a picture of the two of them from the baby shower. Back at the
Beacon, Edmund called Cassie from Jeffrey’s room, but didn’t say
anything. Cassie assumed Jeffrey was home and headed over to the hotel.
Edmund returned to the farm and broke off a kiss with Dinah when he
spotted the picture Cassie gave her.

At the Beacon, Cassie was surprised by the girl emerging from the
shower. Sonya finally figured out that Cassie was Jeffrey’s girlfriend,
but laughed at the image of Jeff on the farm with children. Cassie was
thrilled to kick her out of the hotel. Later, back at the farm, she
called Jeffrey and left him a message. Suddenly the lights and phone
went out, and Edmund peered in at Cassie.

In the room where Phillip was supposedly held, Mallet encouraged Harley
to focus on her upcoming nuptials with Gus and forget about
investigating Alan’s claims that Phillip is still alive. She noted that
she had two leads: the pink tulips delivered to Lizzie were flowers
that Phillip always sent his daughter, and she had found a piece of
cardboard that she suspected was from the model Springfield that Alan
said Phillip had in the mock boardroom. The ex-spouses slapped five
with excitement over their discoveries, but he told her he would take
over and that she should go back to Gus. She freaked out then when she
realized she was supposed to meet her fianc and their wedding planner.
As they left, he told her Frank had hired him as a detective.

Gus asked Blake if Harley was nervous about history repeating itself
with their wedding. He wondered why Blake was acting jumpy, while Mrs.
Marler kept talking into a tape recorder each time Gus walked away. The
wedding planner showed up, but couldn’t wait for Harley to return. Gus
spotted Harley outside talking to Mallet and was really annoyed at her,
but she sweet-talked him into forgiving her. Meanwhile Ross caught
Blake talking into her tape recorder and deduced that she was writing
another novel.

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