GH's Thompson On Emmy Nod: "A Very Pleasant Surprise"

Jason Thompson (GH's Patrick) insomnia-ed his way into news of his second consecutive nod as Supporting Actor. "I got home late from acting class last night and for some reason I didn't sleep very well, so I was watching a movie in bed on my iPad and my agent called from Israel," he reports. "She had looked on the Internet and saw my name pop up. I honestly completely forgot that it was going to be today, so it was a very pleasant surprise." When it came to choosing his reel, Thompson selected the episode in which Robin and Patrick made a tape of themselves for Emma's birthday. "I think people can respond to that kind of pure emotion," he speculates. "I know I do." He admits that when reviewing his options, "There was some other stuff, but a lot of it was with Jonathan [Jackson, ex-Lucky, who also scored a nomination] and Jonathan's so good, it's hard to submit two tapes for him when I don't really have one for myself!" GH dominated in Thompson's category, with Port Charles stars taking four of the five slots. "I'm not surprised," Thompson says. "I know the quality of the work these guys do. It's fun to all be in it together."