GH's Tamara Braun: Vision Quest

Most charities focus on one good cause, but the organization Tamara Braun (Carly, GENERAL HOSPITAL) devotes her time to targets several problems. “Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind (TLC) is an organization which offers residential homes for the blind who have multiple disabilities,” explains Braun. “There are organizations for blind people and other disabilities, but there aren’t many organizations that deal with the combination. A lot of times parents don’t know what to do with these kids, especially as they get older and are no longer cuddly children who we feel sorry for. They’re not the easiest people to deal with because they can’t see or communicate in ways that we can. I see it as a great outlet for the families.”IN THE HOUSE: TLC, based in Reseda, Calif., operates 10 homes in the San Fernando Valley. “It’s dormitory living,” says Braun. “There are two people in a room and the rooms are so nicely put together. You think: They can’t see so why are there pictures on the wall? They love it because they have music, TV or personal objects that they like listening to. It’s their own place and their own home and they have their own responsibilities: cleaning, cooking. It’s a family for them and they get to live their lives with a lot of dignity and pride.”GETTING INVOLVED: Braun found out about the organization on the GH set. “One of our wardrobe people was talking about this center for the blind,” Braun recalls. “I went up to her and asked her what this organization was; she gave me a pamphlet and then I asked how I could become involved. I went to lunch with Bunny Pearlman, who founded the organization because she had a child who was blind and disabled, and I felt really good about getting involved with this organization.”For more information on Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind, visit

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