GH's Rebecca Herbst's Holiday Mission

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth, GH) is a longtime supporter of The Smile Train and is spreading the word about its Season of Smiles holiday campaign. "The Smile Train is the world's largest cleft lip and palate charity and their mission is to give every child with a cleft anywhere in the world the opportunity to live a productive life," she states. "I got involved many years ago because my mother handed me a pamphlet and said, 'You really should read about this,' and I was so impressed with the way that the organization is run and with the incredible, selfless people that are a part of it, and the fact that it is only $250 to fix a child's smile. This surgery takes 45 minutes and it is truly changing these children's lives. It's not just cosmetically fixing them; it's making them whole. It's providing them with a new chance to live a full life. Right now is their Season of Smiles campaign. To date, they have fixed over 800,000 children's smiles and we are trying to get to 1,000,000, which is what the campaign is all about. During this time of the year, we are all so busy and we get caught up in the hustle and bustle and we need to remember that there are children out there who need our help. You can get together a small group of people, and instantly come up with $250 and know that you have just affected somebody's life. It's a really amazing feeling and I really challenge and encourage everyone to do that. You can go to to get more information and follow them on Twitter @smiletrain. I see all their little faces and the amazing before and after pictures and I just want to hug them all!"