GH's Rebecca Herbst Lends Her Support To An Important Cause

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth, GH) is supporting a cause close to her heart, raising money and awareness for family friend Alexandra, a 13-year-old girl living with epilepsy. "I have been friends with Alex's family for almost 13 years," she reports. "When Michael [Saucedo, who will soon be reprising the role of Juan] and I got married, we moved in across the street from them. They were our neighbors, and Alex and [Herbst's son] Ethan are less than a year apart in age. Alex has a sister, Sydney, who is the same age as [Herbst's daughter] Ella. Every year, Alex's dad, Brad, raises money for the fight against epilepsy and this year, he asked me if I would spread the word via Twitter. The response we've been getting is incredible. It's so gratifying and amazing to see the fans' response. I have such a wonderful group of fans that are always wanting to make a difference and help in somebody else's life. I'm very blessed to know people like that, and I can always count on them when I need the word spread about something. They are always right there."

Herbst went a step further by involving her GH castmates. "The idea was for them to hold pictures saying, 'I think Alex is brave and beautiful and amazing and strong,' because she is," Herbst explains. "She is truly a remarkable little girl. It was a fun way to get my cast members involved because I was then able to share Alex's story with them and the more people I can get pictures of, the more it gets spread through Twitter. I have a ton more pictures that I haven't tweeted yet — I'm kind of leaking them out slowly [laughs]. Everyone has been happy to participate. And I'm also doing EFGLA — that's the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles — Walk on November 17 at The Rose Bowl with my kids. I've already got a girlfriend coming with me and I'm just encouraging anyone who is in the area to come on down and walk with me! Alex's 13th birthday is on the same day as the walk, actually, and she is an incredibly bright little girl. She has amazing parents and an incredible support team around her, from doctors to friends to family. She's a very blessed little girl."

Herbst vows to keep her supporters in the know once the date of the walk has passed. "A lot of times, when I try to raise money or bring awareness to a cause, the date falls and it seems like everything comes to an end, but after the walk, I want people to know that I will continue to update them on the progress that the ESGLA is making and any progress that Alex has had. I'm going to do it all through Twitter because that's the only way I communicate [laughs]. I'm at and I will get information to people there."

To pledge your support to Team Alex, visit her page at