GH's Patrick: Happiness is a Warm Story

He may not totally agree that shiny, happy couples make viewers unhappy, but GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Jason Thompson (Patrick) is glad for the work.Soap Opera Weekly: Do you believe in that old soap opera philosophy that happily married couples are boring?

Jason Thompson: Well, realistically, until this all happened, we weren’t doing anything [laughs]. I don’t know if that’s just because the writers didn’t have anything for us. Maybe that’s what people mean when they say married couples are boring. I honestly don’t really think that Robin and Patrick were boring, but…

Weekly: I wasn’t pegging Robin and Patrick specifically as boring; I just meant it’s a storytelling standard…

Thompson: Yeah, well, I agree. I’m just using my personal situation. It was getting kind of difficult, because we weren’t doing much. We were in the hospital talking about random things; nothing really had any meat behind it. Now, somebody cheats and you break us up, and we’ve got something to do. So I would imagine that’s kind of where that saying comes from.

Weekly: But do you buy into it?

Thompson: I don’t know. I think happiness can be fun to watch, too, but these things are based off drama; that’s what sells, that’s what people keep watching.

Weekly: Can Patrick and Robin ever be happy again?

Thompson: I think they can get back to the good place, for sure. There have been some really good storylines over the years with Robin and Patrick specifically, in which they’ve been together but they’ve been dramatic, and I think we can get back to that place.

Weekly: So you’re glad the writers took Scrubs in this direction?

Thompson: I’ve really enjoyed playing this storyline. Brianna [Brown, Lisa] is doing a great job and, obviously, it’s always a blessing to work with Kimberly [McCullough, Robin]. When she turns it on, she’s one of the best in the business. So it’s been a lot of fun. It was the right timing. I was ready for it. As heartbreaking as it’s been, it’s really a good storyline to sink my teeth into.