GH's Olivia and Johnny Hit the Spot

Olivia finding herself drawn back into Sonny’s orbit could put the kibosh on the Johnny/Olivia relationship. Lisa LoCicero explains how she and Brandon Barash caught lightning in a bottle. Or at least wrapped it up in a tie.Soap Opera Weekly: Olivia and Johnny really seem to click together.

Lisa LoCicero: Yeah, it’s really great that people seem to be responding to the two of them together. I think it’s because Brandon and I have the same idea of what makes a love scene work, and he’s very easy to work with. And I try to be easy to work with, as well.

Weekly: How difficult is it to work out those hot love scenes?

LoCicero: In my experience the male half of the couple is usually the more uncomfortable initially, so I always go out of my way to make the fella feel as comfortable as possible. I guess when you’re both comfortable, it’s easy.

Weekly: It would be easy to forget about Olivia and Sonny — keep Johnny and Olivia….

LoCicero: Well, I think that may be what the writers are dealing with right now — a surprise in the response to the two of them. They may want to capitalize on that.

Weekly: The sexual chemistry is off the charts, like when she blindfolded him.

LoCicero: That whole blindfold thing was a surprise. We showed up for work that morning and there were extra pink pages; if you paid attention, you noticed that those scenes weren’t about anything plot-related. It was just an excuse to get the two of them together, which was great. Sometimes, that’s where the most interesting character work can come from, when it’s not dealing with getting from Point A to Point B. It’s just these two people interacting over not a whole lot — which is really what constitutes most of the real world. She had just come home in the afternoon, and he stops in, and then one thing leads to another. We tried to add some extra element, which was where the blindfold thing came from. We were just cracking each other up, honestly. We were having a good time and having fun with the whole thing.

Weekly: It did feel organic to the characters.

LoCicero: Yeah [laughs]. We laughed a lot that day.