GH's Nancy Lee Grahn: Her Belated Emmy Acceptance Speech

Honoring a previous commitment to visit her family in the Chicago area and to help her nephew fund-raise for the 9/11 charity Remembrance Rescue Project, Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexi, GH) wasn't in Los Angeles to accept her Outstanding Supporting Actress trophy on June 23. But appearing on a local Chicago-area talk show, WINDY CITY LIVE, she delivered her speech belatedly:

"I had nothing prepared, which is the surest way to win an Emmy, is to not know what you're going to say! But what I would first say is thank you to everyone I've worked with in daytime for 27 years, for tolerating me, putting up with me. I thank the actors that voted for me, who I suspect may have been slightly intoxicated. I don't know, I can't explain it! I fell asleep during my tape. I don't know what happened. Then I would go on and on about my family, who means more to me than anything, and my brother-in-law Louis, who won't let me back in his lake house if I don't say that, and my friends, because people who have great friends look at mine and envy me, and my daughter has like 10 godmothers that just embrace us regularly. And then the music would play and they would try to get me off the stage and I wouldn't go until I handed this to my daughter, Katherine Grace, which she will get. This Emmy, this is the first time that I'm telling her this, that this is yours. This goes in your room and when you go to college — and I go with you! — you'll take this with you wherever you go because I want you to remember that life is good and that if you do what you love in life and you do the best that you can and you have faith that all is well, it will be."

Watch her appearance here.