GH's Jax, Ladies Man

Lois brought corporate raider Jax to town when she needed help to get back her and Brenda’s company, L&B Records, which had been taken over by Edward. Jax was immediately smitten with Lois, who assured the Aussie billionaire that she was with Ned.Jax next set his sights on Brenda, but her heart still belonged to married man Sonny. Brenda and Jax became friends, and she used him to make Sonny jealous. It worked, but Jax fell in love with Bren, so he urged her to forget the mobster and wed him. Jax lost out to Sonny, who agreed to leave Lily for Brenda. Things changed, however, when Sonny discovered that Lily was pregnant; he told Brenda it was over. A heartbroken Brenda married Jax on his yacht.Upon returning to Port Charles, Brenda and Jax learned of Lily’s death and Sonny’s desire to win back Brenda. On the day of Jax and Brenda’s second wedding (before friends and family), Sonny showed up just before the nups and introduced Jax’s presumed-dead first wife, Miranda.

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