GH Recaps Week of June 12, 2006

Friday, June 16, 2006
Nikolas boned up on baby basics with Alfred (Kids nurse because they are hungry!) Meanwhile, Jax mused over John and Carly touched his soft spot (read a book, people!). Jax packed up his stuff — stuffed animals, that is — while Carly fretted that his leaving would change everything. Nik interviewed nannies and settled on Colleen, who believed a child needs to know he is loved and accepted. As Jax loaded the car, a weepy Carly promised John she would trash Robin’s life as revenge. Later, at Nik’s place, Carly wanted Norma to stay on as John’s nanny, but Nik preferred Colleen. Carly refused to turn over John, and Nik warned her to walk away. Jax agreed and handed John to his father. “We’ll never be separated again,” Nik vowed. “I promise.” Back home, Carly ranted, which upset Jax, because it’s too late to change anything. He admitted he wasn’t prepared for how much it would hurt to surrender John. They snuggled and Jax squeezed the stuffed elephant because he didn’t want to forget John.

When Emily appeared in a white dress Sonny saw visions of Lily and flipped out, ripping the dress off a screaming Emily. Then he apologized, but she still looked freaked. She was concerned about why he did it. He said she looked like a bride — and was wearing the dress for somebody else. For Nikolas. Outside Kelly’s, Ric examined his receipt for the white dress. Emily reassured Sonny that she wasn’t interested in Nik, but Sonny insisted she’s the “obvious” choice to help Nik raise John. She denied it, but Sonny suggested she could be lured into it by spending time with John. She said she only wants to be with Sonny and they embraced. She suggested he talk to Lainey, but Sonny was sure all he needed was Emily, not drugs or doctors. Clearly in the grip of a manic phase, he insisted the worst is over thanks to her. She got weepy and told him she has to check in at the hospital. After she left, he made an angry phone call: “Get over here — now!” and shredded the white dress.

Sam tearfully scolded Jason for bowing to Alexis’ pressure. Jason said he cannot explain how he felt when Sam almost died because of him. She wondered how he would feel if she took up with another man. Answer: He’d hate it, but one day she’d be glad he did this. Meanwhile, Manny snuck in Sam’s window and went through her stuff (sniffing her clothes). Downstairs at Kelly’s, Alexis approached a resentful Sam and urged her not to forget Kristina. Sam bristled at the manipulation and blasted her for guilting Jason. Alexis said the family wants Sam, and she’ll always have a home. Disgusted, Sam went up to her room, but got suspicious and called Jason.

Justus and Lainey strolled the docks. She teased him about becoming a mob lawyer and invited him to dinner at her place. They smooched, but Jason interrupted, saying “There may be a problem with Sonny.” (May?) Jason asked Justus to keep an eye on Sonny, because Ric is a bad influence. Just then Justus got a call from a representative of Alcazar, who wanted a meeting with Jason. Jason agreed to a warehouse meet because he figured Alcazar got back into the business in exchange for Diego’s freedom. (Excellent guess!) Manny got word that Jason took “the bait.” Justus advised Jason to take a bodyguard, but he resisted. Then he got a call from Sam claiming someone was in her room. Justus pointed out that she cried wolf twice before, but Jason still went. She showed him his room: somebody unpacked her bags. Jason was suspicious, but believed her and said he’s taking her home. Later, Justus entered the designated door “26” at the warehouse. Manny was waiting inside and drew a gun on him.

At Nik’s, Helena approached Colleen — whom she coached to get the job — and told her to bide her time until she gives the word, then bring John to her. Nik brought John to see Emily at the hospital because he wasn’t eating. Her handed her the child, and she cooed over him as Nik looked on.

Ric answered Sonny’s summons. Sonny screamed that Ric manipulated him with the photo album and accused Ric of buying the white dress. “I never bought any dress,” he replied. Sonny looked deeply concerned.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006
Tracy stalked into the casino and demanded that Luke and Robert return her money from their fake robbery, threatening to have them arrested if they didn’t have the cash by 2 p.m. Luke reassured her that, while he had nothing to do with it, he could easily get it for her. Meanwhile, Lulu showed Dillon the letter she received in response to her blackmail note. The two arrived at the pier, left a bag full of newspapers as bait and hid behind some bushes. “Good plan, cupcake,” Luke told her, as he and Robert busted her and Dillon. Luke couldn’t help feeling impressed at her “fine first effort.” After Lulu and Dillon fled, Luke told Robert that he knew it was Lulu who had the money, but that he wanted “to give [his] daughter time to run the scam.” Robert called Luke “a bloody idiot,” for treating his daughter so carelessly. Lulu complained to Dillon that her father “doesn’t give a damn” about her. Dillon convinced her otherwise.

Manny and Lorenzo also met up by the pier (popular joint!). Manny expected Lorenzo to fly him out of Port Charles once he’s finished “tying up some loose ends.” Alcazar told him to disappear, or else. Feeling threatened, Manny pulled a gun on Lorenzo, who told him to leave Port Charles. Elsewhere, a worried Skye asked Justus for his opinion on what Lorenzo’s cell phone conversation could have been about. She then visited Diego at the PCPD and, thanks to Lorenzo, who pulled the right strings, Diego was let go. Meeting at the pier later on, Lorenzo told Diego that getting him out of jail cost him his own freedom. He predicted there will be friction and an “all-out war” with Jason.

Jason had a flashback to Sam’s shooting and decided to put her on 24 hour protection, believing that the shooter is still around, possibly waiting for his next victim. Justus arrived at Jason’s and shared Skye’s suspicions about Lorenzo. Jason realized Lorenzo was about to cut a deal in order to free Diego. Sam confronted Alexis, yelling, “You went against Jason, who knows me and what I want better than anyone. How dare you!” Alexis pleaded her case to Sam, but she wanted none of it. Sam told her she will do whatever it takes to get Jason back and walked off. Alexis called Jason into her office, told him that Sam is “gearing up to get you back.” She hoped he would continue to push Sam away, and to keep her safe from his dangerous life. Jason went to talk to Sam. “Sam, I broke up with you for my own reasons; Alexis had nothing to do with it,” he explained.

Max spied Sonny walking with a knife at the mansion. Uh-oh. The ex-mobster asserted, “I’m going to make some freshly squeezed juice for Lily.” (Okay….) Sonny presented the freshly-made juice to Emily, telling her it’s the least he can do to repay her for her “patience and unconditional love.” She told him there is nowhere else she’d rather be. “You have a medical condition and we’re going to deal with it,” she promised. Ric showed up later, and Sonny brought up the fight they had the day before. Sonny admitted that he was thinking about his mother, and things he could have changed from the past. He showed Ric a photograph of Lily in a white dress, then said that, like Lily, Emily has a calming effect on him. Sonny sent Ric to buy a dress for Emily. Ric dropped off the gift and continued to try and convince Sonny that he is on his side. After Ric left, Sonny surprised Emily with the package and she went to try it on for him. Emily told Sonny to close his eyes as she glided down the stairs in a long, filmy white dress, just like the one that Lily wore in her photograph. Sonny opened his eyes, and then screamed, “Take that off!”Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Emily was shocked to learn of John’s paternity, but also overjoyed. Nikolas lamented the time missed with his son, but she agreed that childproofing his home first made sense. Meanwhile, Jax was shocked that Carly would question his motives — he did it all for John. Carly suggested that Alexis will make sure Jax and Carly are part of John’s life then excused herself to check on Michael and Morgan (remember them?). Jax then apologized to Lady Jane for letting her think she was a grandmother, but Mom was cool with it, acknowledging that Helena is dangerous. She suggested Jax was lonely and distraught over deaths of his father and Courtney. Jax said he had hoped to bond with Carly, but feared she cared more about the child, so without John, she’ll return to Sonny. Jane reassured him that he just needed time and space. She’s planning a trip to Africa to see his brother Jerry, so why not come along? Maybe Carly will wait for him. Later, Nik asked his butler if he knew anything about child care, but it didn’t matter because Alexis was waiting. She offered her help — including advice about room assignments, but he was skeptical. Was she there to plead Jax’s case?

Lucky and Det. Rodriguez were taking a coffee break outside Kelly’s when Maxie flounced by, so Lucky asked her to get him more pills because he cannot show even a hint of pain on the job. Maxie worried that her dad would bury them both, but also realized that Lucky would owe her big time.

Georgie walked in on Dillon setting up Kelly’s to celebrate her graduation, and they apologized to each other for recent events. Then the gang stated gathering: Maxie, Robin, Robert, Lulu and Mac (with video camera). Dillon chatted with Lulu, who regretted that Luke didn’t see her graduate. Maxie headed outside, but Robin caught up with her and told her that she told Nik the truth about John. Georgie and Dillon danced and asked each other for another chance. Robert danced with Lulu and assured her that Luke loves her.

At the docks, Elizabeth told Sam she was just thanking Jason for a big favor. Sam asked Liz about the details of her surgery (Noah vs. Patrick), then Liz left. Sam asked Jason if she could come home. She realized that Alexis was preying on his guilt, and that her mother is “controlling.” (Ya think?) Sadly, Jason agreed with Alexis’ view that Sam’s shooting was his fault — and he still does. Carly appeared and Sam tried to send her away, but Jason told her to stay. Sam said casting her aside would not protect her. He left, and Carly followed him home, where she recounted the events of the christening and why she lied. Then she swore to take revenge on Robin, working herself into a frenzy recalling the Michael/AJ affair. At GH, Epiphany told Liz Lucky is obviously addicted to his pain meds, so Liz should say something. So Liz asked her hubby to meet her. When he showed, she kissed him and fished the pills out of his pocket. “Why did you lie to me?” she moaned. He said he couldn’t go to Patrick because he would be kicked off the force. She fretted about him handling guns. “You have a problem,” she observed. She professed her love and warned him about the addictive power of pain meds. He insisted he was okay, and tossed the bottle into the water to prove it. They embraced, but she didn’t look convinced. Meanwhile, that orderly who had earlier stolen pain meds for Maxie balked at getting more. (Could it be because she was wearing a much more modest top this time?) Epiphany said she was moving The Patsy to the ninth floor because some meds were missing.

At home, Sam heard a noise outside and called Jason. She insisted he come because she’s his responsibility. But he hung up on her and sent Stan, who gave her the all-clear before she sent him away.

Carly returned to Jax, who was holding John, savoring every moment. He talked gently to the child bout the new world opening up to him. He promised to be there for the boy and was grateful for the chance to be a father “for a little while” while Carly wept.

Alexis suggested to Nik that arresting Jax would be petty, and reassured Nik he will keep John safe — as Helena secretly looked on!Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Emily was skeptical of Sonny’s suggestion of an intervention for Jason and warned him, “You’re not acting normally.” He copped to being moody and depressed. She pointed out that he’s been like this before. He said he’s “having a hard time” but he’ll be okay because he’s with her. Emily said Jason warned her about this, and that angered Sonny. When Emily asked what Jason would do if Sonny’s “dark Side” compelled him to hurt her, Sonny said Jason would help, like he always does, but then make sure they are never together again.

Elizabeth was skeptical of Jason’s suggestion that Lucky was high during his stakeout. Meanwhile, Lucky apologized to Patrick for accusing him of having an affair with Liz. Patrick congratulated Lucky and his “partner” on the bust, but Lucky insisted he worked alone. Jason admitted his suspicions could be wrong, but Liz realized she was making just excuses and feared for Lucky’s safety. Suddenly, Lucky knocked at the door and Liz hid. Lucky asked Jason about the gun dealer, but Jason dummied up. Then Lucky counseled Jason against going after Sam’s shooter and left. When Liz reappeared, she told Jason she didn’t want to lie to Lucky about why she was there. Plus, she now wanted to confront him about the drugs. They hugged just as Sam appeared. “What’s going on?” she asked.

A stunned Nikolas was furious at Jax for keeping his son away from him. Jax rationalized about protecting the child and Courtney from Helena, and revealed that Court knew the baby was Nik’s before she died. Nik recalled Courtney struggling (and failing) to tell him something with her last breath, and now he knows what. Nik blasted the apologetic Jax and demanded to know why he was revealing this now. Carly suggested it was because Jax is honorable, but Nik suggested it was because Robin busted him. Then he blasted Carly for helping keep the secret. Robin piled on that Carly forced Jax to keep lying so she could play mommy. Alexis and Mike tried to make peace, but Nik wanted to “claim my son tonight.” Alexis suggested waiting
“a day, maybe two,” and he agreed. Later, Nikolas thanked Robin for revealing the truth. She counseled him to forgive Jax, but Carly is another story.

Kristina asked Sam to read another book, but she had to go to a doctor’s appointment. Then Manny approached Kristina and cozied up to her. The child told him where Sam’s room is located. At GH, Patrick gave Sam a clean bill of health — and revealed that Alexis tried to block her surgery, but Jason enabled Patrick to save her life.

Ric told Lainey why he suspects he’s bipolar and recited Sonny’s symptoms as his own, but she recognized them and asked if Ric is worried he has the same disorder. She advised avoiding the obvious triggers: drugs, alcohol and tense or overly emotional situations. Emily appeared, and after Ric left she told Lainey Sonny is getting worse. He has “huge mood swings” and calls her “Lily.” Lainey advised getting Sonny into treatment right away. Back at the house, Ric started provoking Sonny. He asked about getting back into the business, then brought up their mother. “We need to deal with this,” he told Sonny. He asked how she died. Sonny balked, but Ric kept pressing, mentioning the beatings. Sonny perceived him as repeating it over and over, louder and louder. It triggered an attack and Sonny screamed at him. Ric apologized as Sonny fumed, but then started provoking him about his stepfather being a wife-beater. Does Sonny ever worry about hurting a woman? As Sonny’s perceptions altered again and he bordered on another outburst, Mike suddenly appeared and Ric retreated.

Jax hugged baby John and said, “Sleep tight, my little boy. You’ll always be in my heart.” Carly asked Jax why he confessed, just when “John was almost ours.” Meanwhile, Emily found Nikolas and asked how the christening went. “Full of surprises” he understated, and revealed the secret, which left Emily speechless. At that moment, Mike told Sonny about Nik and son. Sonny fretted: “I’m gonna lose Emily to Nikolas.”Monday, June 12, 2006
At Sonny’s place, Ric proposed a plan that would help Sonny get back his mob-leader position but Sonny wanted none of it, flying into a crazy rage and physically attacking Ric. Emily rushed into the room and pleaded with Sonny to calm down, but he only got angrier and demanded that Ric leave immediately. Afterward, Sonny started talking about renting abandoned houses for the summer and going for rides. “Where is this coming from, Sonny?” Emily asked. Sonny played off his nonsensical banter as a joke, and moved to convince Emily that what she saw him doing to Ric was only an illusion. He told her, “In the end [Ric] always takes the angle of what suits him best.” So, his attack on Ric was deliberate, to make a point. Uh huh….

In the warehouse, Jason snuck up behind Lucky, shooting the dealer in the leg. Lucky believed that he made the shot, and took control of the scene while Diego begged him to let him free so he wouldn’t get caught violating parole. The rest of the police arrived, and Lucky was congratulated for catching the “slimeball” that the force had been after for some time. Diego was led away by the police. Lucky arrived at the hospital to tell Liz that things would be different for them now. Liz’s plan to make Lucky feel better about himself seemed to be working! They hugged as a dolled-up Maxie watched in the background. Back at the station, Lucky received a standing ovation from the other officers and Mac Scorpio promised to give him more active duty jobs.

When removing the bullet from the dealer, Patrick realized that it couldn’t possibly be from Lucky’s gun, and he told Elizabeth. She realized that Lucky didn’t really shoot the dealer and she knew it had to be Jason. Lucky found Maxie at the hospital and convinced her to hand over some pills. He then bumped into Patrick, who warned him that he knows what Lucky is doing.

Jason sent a guard to watch over Sam because he’s not sure if she was bluffing about her attacker. Unbeknownst to all, Manny was lurking outside the house. Sam visited Sonny, outlining a plan that will enable Sonny to “get back everything he lost,” and her to “get back the man she loves.” Sonny thought her plan brilliant and agreed to help. Sam got home and sent the guard away, asking him to tell Jason that she is sorry. From his spot in the bushes, Manny watched the whole scene with absolute glee.

Skye and Lorenzo arrived at the hospital for an ultrasound, when Lorenzo was called to the PCPD. After yelling at Diego for his stupidity, Lorenzo offered to keep Diego out of jail. “I suggest you change your attitude and find a way to accept my help,” Lorenzo told him. Diego realized his father may be his only hope.

Ric stopped by Jason’s, revealing he’s worried about Sonny and his disturbing behavior. Just as Ric was leaving, Liz walked into Jason’s apartment, profusely thanking Jason for helping her out. Once alone, Liz told Jason that Lucky can never know that he wasn’t the one who stopped the dealer. Jason understood and couldn’t help but critique Lucky’s performance: He had horrible aim, had failed to call for backup and was possibly under the influence of something. Yikes!

At the gazebo, Nikolas admitted to Carly and Jax that he had another blood test done. Carly was horrified that Nik could do such a thing. Robin was disgusted that Carly could be so hypocritical and told her so. Patrick left to answer a hospital call, telling Robin to loosen up on the “busybody impulses.” As the priest began the ceremony, Robin and Alexis had a hard time watching Carly coo over the baby. Jax had a sudden flashback of talking to a dying Courtney about raising her baby as a Cassadine. Carly and Jax posed for a picture with baby John and the rest of their family and Robin snapped. She grabbed Nik and spilled the truth in front of everyone. Nik was skeptical, though. So, Carly was quick to call Robin a psychopath and a liar. “Nikolas is nothing to John,” Carly spat at Robin. Finally Jax interrupted. “Robin’s right,” he said to a stunned Nikolas. “I’m not John’s father, you are.” 2005 recaps

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