GH Recaps Week of January 1, 2007

Friday, January 5, 2007
At the hospital, Ric offered to take a weak from chemo Alexis home, but she refused, accusing him of looking for ammo in order to sue for custody of Molly.

Carly went to the penthouse and told Sam that she knows Sam and Jason are trying to have a child and advised, “The sooner, the better.” She left, then Spinelli burst into the penthouse to complain that Alexis chewed him out while he was playing with Kristina. Sam said she’d take care of this. She went to the lake house and had Viola take the girls for the afternoon. Sam convinced Alexis to get high to relieve her pain. She reluctantly complied.

In Denver, Nikolas was furious that his investigators had no leads on Colleen. Later, as part of their own search, he and Emily showed up at the daycare center where Colleen was working.

At Alcazar’s estate, he hired a woman to help him in his plan to eliminate Sonny, as Skye eavesdropped. The woman left. Alcazar called Skye to come out and made her promise never to answer his special cell phone. He also informed Skye that he changed his will so that she and Lila Rae were taken care of for life. Skye found that news unsettling. He then gave her plane tickets to get out of town but she refused to leave him.

At the coffeehouse, Sonny and Jason planned their next move against Alcazar while the woman arrived and left a gun hidden in a trash can. She called Alcazar and told him they were all set. Lorenzo kissed Skye good-bye and left. Alcazar showed up at the coffe house, was searched and deemed clean. The woman was sitting nearby and spilled her coffee. With the bodyguards diverted, Alcazar pulled the gun out of the trash can and went in to see Sonny. In the office, Lorenzo pulled a gun on Sonny and planned to pull the trigger.

At the hospital, Liz got touchy when Ric compared his and Alexis’s marriage to hers and Lucky’s. She chastised Ric for not compromising for the kids’ sake. “What makes you such a good mother, Elizabeth,” he shot back.

Lady Jane met Carly at her house and informed Carly that she spoke with Jerry, who’s in big trouble with the mob. Carly was furious, as she assumed that Sonny was behind the whole mess, even though Jane had her doubts.

Jason returned to the penthouse, gave Spinelli money to stay at a hotel for the night and planned a special evening with Sam. Then, Liz arrived to thank him for saving her. She confessed that she was on the way to see him on the night of her accident and was on the verge of telling him that he’s the father of her baby.

At the lake house, Alexis was stoned when Ric came over and he started harping about the custody case. He vowed to prove Alexis was an unfit mother.

Maxie caught Lulu using a hospital computer. The ladies had words but Georgie intervened…. At home, Alcazar’s cell phone rang and Skye answered it, saying she’d give Lorenzo the message.

In Sonny’s office, Carly barged in, prompting Alcazar to turn around. In a split second, Sonny grabbed his gun and shot at Alcazar.

What was the destination of the airline tickets that Alcazar gave to Skye?
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Thursday, January 4, 2007
Jason and Sam looked forward to all the practice it would take to make a baby and after a quickie, she headed off to her new job at General Hospital. Once there, snarky Ms. Sneed gave Sam a hard time for being three minutes late. Sam apologized and let it slip that she was late because she was having sex with her boyfriend. Liz overheard Sam and Jason’s family-expanding plans.

At the nurse’s station, Elizabeth vented her suspicion about Maxie’s faked pregnancy to Epiphany, who said Liz had better get proof before she starts making accusations.

Outside Kelly’s, Maxie felt a twinge of guilt over manipulating Lucky, but was thrilled by all the attention he gave her. He had to go but said he’d be by later to walk the new puppy. He went to the hospital and asked Liz if she wanted to take in the puppy for Cameron. She declined.

Inside Kelly’s, Professor Pete asked Georgie to read the first 20 pages of his novel. She said okay and he sealed the deal by inviting her over to his place for dinner.

Skye suggested to Lorenzo that he start a foundation in Diego’s memory. He agreed but put up a stink when she picked up his cell phone to make a call. Alcazar said that the phone is for certain calls only and forbid her to answer it if it should ever ring.

At the coffee house, Carly planted a kiss on Sonny for retribution for him kissing her on New Year’s Eve. They argued; she left. Sonny vented to Bernie that Alcazar was taking over their territory. Then, Alexis barged in under the pretense of getting a parental signature for Kristina, but what she really wanted was for Sonny to cop her some weed. He said he would; she swore him to secrecy about her marijuana usage.

At Kelly’s, the Scooby gang (a.k.a. Lulu, Dillon and Spinelli) theorized that since Alan left the hospital early the night of Rick’s murder, he had ample time to head to the scene of the crime. Monica entered, overheard the conversation and immediately chastised Lulu and Dillon for hanging out with bad influence Spinelli and told the kids to break it up. After she left, Dillon and Lulu questioned Monica’s strange concern. Max and Milo arrived to collect Spinelli and Lulu and Dillon chuckled at Milo’s obvious crush on Lulu. Dillon later displayed some jealousy over the matter.

The bodyguards brought Spinelli to Sonny but before he could ask “the jackal” about getting Alexis pot, Ric entered. “Well, well, well,” the dirty D.A. muttered aloud. Ric suspected Sonny was employing Spinelli for something to do with Alcazar. Ric then announced that he was calling Sonny as a witness in Molly’s custody hearing.

In the attic, Georgie caught Dillon and Lulu together again. Though agitated, she had a date to get to. Then, Dillon tripped and fell and found a new clue on the floor. It was Rick Webber’s date book from 2002. Meanwhile, Georgie took some old pictures over to Pete for his book. Upon her arrival, at his place he gave her his pages and a glass of wine. Georgie raved about the read and drank more wine with Pete.

Mac met up with Maxie and apologized for not spending time with her lately. In kind, Maxie said Mac deserved a better daughter then her. After a touching conversation, Mac assured Maxie of her self-worth and they hugged.

Carly warned Jason to stay away from Elizabeth and let Lucky be her hero. Then, Carly went to G.H. and lashed out at Liz, calling her, “The one-night stand who wouldn’t leave.” Sam overheard Carly accuse Liz of planning to swoop in and take Jason for her own.

Monica called Lucky and advised him to convince Lulu to leave Port Charles…. Jason and Sonny interrupted Alcazar’s shipments. Alcazar was furious and a mob war was about to begin. Just then, Alcazar got a call that the next shipment was ready to go.Wednesday, January 3, 2007
At the hospital, Lucky and Jason stayed by Liz’s bedside. Lucky chewed her
out for lying about the baby’s paternity and Jason didn’t back her up. Then,
Liz woke up where Lucky was very soothing and reassuring. Liz was released
from the hospital and she called Jason and thanked him for saving her. At
Kelly’s, Georgie caught Liz spying on Lucky and Maxie. Inside, Maxie was
still milking the “miscarriage” business. Maxie told Lucky that she couldn’t
keep the puppy they had found because she had a cat and tried to guilt him
into taking it. He agreed to help her care for the animal together. Maxie
was thrilled. Outside, Liz mentioned to Georgie that when she miscarried,
she didn’t want to talk about it the way Maxie does. Liz returned to the
hospital and asked Kelly if she thought Maxie could have faked her

Dillon, Lulu and Spinelli ended up at GH to hack into the computer system to
find out Alan’s schedule the night of Rick Webber’s murder. Epiphany caught
the kids in the act and threw them out, but not before Spinelli got an
interesting piece of info from the computer.

In Denver, Colleen, still in the black bob wig and thick glasses, started
work at a daycare center, claiming to be a single mother whose husband has
abandoned her. She asked the manager if they got many visitors, then covered
by saying she thought the baby’s father might try to track them down. At
their hotel, Emily sets out to transform Nikolas into a middle-class guy as
part of their plan to get the jump on Colleen. Nik and Em quizzed the maid
to see if she’d seen Colleen and the baby. She hadn’t, but she did buy their
act. Afterward, Nik and Em kissed.

At Sonny’s coffeehouse, Carly confronted Sonny about him kissing her and
planted a kiss of her own on him as payback. Rodriguez interrupted to
question Sonny about Alcazar. Diane, Sonny’s new attorney, arrived as
Rodriguez warned Sonny that Alcazar will retaliate against him eventually.
Carly was further detained from continuing her talk with Sonny when Mike
arrived. Mike told Sonny he was hoping he could intervene to help Nikolas
and Emily find Spencer. Carly lost her patience when Bernie pushed past her
to see Sonny and ended up barging into Sonny’s office. Sonny rebuked her
barging in, saying she might end up seeing something she’s not supposed to.

At his home, Alcazar confided in Skye that something big was about to happen
and gave Skye some insight into his arms-trading business, noting, “If these
deals were ever made public, governments would fall,” he allowed. Skye then
covered for Alcazar in front of Rodriguez, who’d come to question him about
Sonny. Skye lied to Rodriguez about how Alcazar knew Spinelli. Cruz advised
her not to get involved, as trouble was brewing on the Corinthos/Alcazar

Milo asked Carly about how to approach Lulu and she gave him some tips,
while Max watched totally jealous and broke it up…. Back at Kelly’s,
Professor Pete asked Georgie to do more research about the golden era of
Hollywood and wondered what he could do to show his appreciation.Tuesday, January 2, 2007
Sonny rang in the New Year with Carly and their sons. Carly then called Jax, but got his voicemail. The boys both got on the phone and left messages while Sonny silently observed. Carly then mentioned that she can’t wait to elope when he gets back. Carly defended her decisions to Sonny and he challenged her to get married in town. As he left, Sonny and Carly shared a steamy kiss.

At the penthouse, Spinelli spilled to Jason about Sam’s desire to start a family. Afterward, Jason headed out. In order to maintain her “hotness,” Spinelli suggested adopting a baby from Malawi over the Internet. She declined and opened up about the baby girl she lost.

After their kiss at Kelly’s, Lucky told Maxie not to apologize. He said if things had been different, they possibly could have ended up together. Maxie unloaded on Lucky about her family problems, then got embarrassed and headed out. Lucky followed. The pair found a puppy in the snow, but Lucky split once he got Kelly’s call to come to the hospital. Maxie told her new pup that she still plans on being with Lucky.

A stranded and hurt Elizabeth lost consciousness in the snow. She dreamed that Lucky was the father of the baby. Then, she dreamed of Lucky and Maxie making out. As she dreamed of a happy family life with Jason, he located her in the snow and carried her to safety. Jason got Liz to the hospital, where Kelly examined her and called Lucky. Once admitted, Jason sat by Liz’s bed and thanked her for saving him in the past. Lucky arrived. Kelly explained the baby was okay and that Liz has a concussion. A groggy Liz saw the men by her bed and apologized to Lucky. Jason told Liz that Jason saved her and “their” baby.

Robin and Patrick decided to stay in for New Year’s, as they cuddled on the air mattress in the middle of his empty apartment. However, when Robin suggested a piece of art for the wall, Patrick got his dander up. She insisted on helping him decorate the place. He called her pushy. She collected her things to go, but Patrick prevented her from leaving. “Stop being reasonable,” she demanded with a smile. She admitted that she was fearful that once Patrick receives a clean bill of health, he’ll dump her. He professed is love and they hugged, but her constant use of the word “we” made him nervous.

Aboard his private plane, Nikolas was frantic as he and Emily tried to track down Colleen and Spencer in Denver. He planned to, “Shoot first and ask questions later.” Nik rejected her idea of taking the case public. They worked on a story to tell people as they hunted for the baby. Em pointed out that Nik would have to be a little more common if he were to play along with the ruse.Monday, January 1, 2007
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