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GH Preview: Sonny’s Downward Spiral On GH

Credit: JPI

Expect a rough week ahead for GH’s Sonny, who is contending not only with the death of son Morgan and major tension in his marriage to Carly, but being the subject of both a police investigation and less formal one (Curtis’s) regarding the car bomb that claimed Morgan’s life. “Sonny’s punishing himself enough that he’s not considering how the law might punish him,” notes Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman. But his cop son, Dante, who is also in mourning, “is determined to get justice for Morgan,” the scribe warns. Meanwhile, Sonny gets a blow in the form of some unwelcome news from Carly. For the scoop on how it all plays out, check out the new issue of Soap Opera Digest and be sure to tune into GH next week.