Fridge Door = Graziadei's Wingman

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS’ Michael Graziadei (Daniel) is finding a unique way to meet women, thanks to two of his enterprising buddies — and some soap magazines. The guys’ refrigerator door has become Graziadei’s pin-up spot.

“They buy the magazines out in San Diego, because they think it’s hilarious,” Graziadei explains about friends Andrew Brauch and Jason “Sweet Pea” Pudim. “They put all the pictures on the fridge. I get to the house, and all the girls were like, ‘Oh, you’re the guy from the fridge.’ I was, like, ‘What are you talking about?’ I get to the house and I was, like, ‘You have got to be kidding me!’ I left them up. I said, ‘Good for you guys. Have fun.'”

After getting over the initial shock, Graziadei got in on the joke and now helps Brauch and Pudim keep fresh photos posted. “If one’s not up that should be, I go and buy the magazine and put it up,” he affirms.

His buds are indeed proud of his career, even if they have funny ways of showing it. “A lot of my friends tell me that they catch a show now and then. They say, ‘Oh, we flip it on during the day just to see if you’re on. If you are, we watch and laugh at you.’ Oh, thank you. Very supportive,” Graziadei deadpans.

So, has Graziadei met anyone special as a result of the fridge door? Not yet, but he’s not rushing things. “I broke up with my girlfriend last 4th of July,” Graz confides. “After a year and a half, there were fireworks going off! Not that I don’t miss her, but I never realized how much time, energy and focus was lost, and how many of my problems I didn’t get to deal with because I was dealing with hers. [Now] I go out and really enjoy hanging out with my friends. I have a lot of good times when I go with Thad (Luckinbill, J.T.), Greg (Rikaart, Kevin) or my roommates. We just go out and have a good time.

“You can’t go out looking for a girlfriend,” Graziadei surmises. “If it happens, it happens.”