Frenemy, Mine!

What started out as an over-the-top feud between B&B’s Donna and Pamela has mellowed into a prickly rapport. Here’s looking back at their wacky confrontations.
Donna (Jennifer Gareis) was first confronted by Pam (Alley Mills) and her vicious-looking dog Tiny and warned to stay away from Eric. “The dog was really sweet so they had to put this rubber band in his mouth to make his fangs show and look terrifying,” chuckles Mills. Pam surprised Donna when she pulled out a gun! Nothing funny about this feud. Her previous weapon, her dog Tiny, seems mild at this point.
When Donna went for a spray tan, Pam locked her in the booth so that that the resulting color was more over-baked than sun kissed. “I love making fun of myself,” chirps Gareis. “You don’t get to look ugly in soaps very often.” Pam didn’t stop messing with Donna’s appearance. Next, Pam spiked a hair color formula so that Donna’s hair would turn green. “Working with Alley is awesome,” chimes in Gareis. “She comes up with some really good ideas, too.”Pam always knew when to pop up to scare Donna. “I showed up in some pretty wacky outfits,” laughs Mills.Pam tied Donna up in the Forrester cabin, then poured honey all over her. The reason? So a bear could have a Donna snack. Owen rescued her in the nick of time. Pam’s criminal behavior was later attributed to a brain tumor. The tumor was removes, “but she still has her nutty side,” points out Mills.After Pam was falsely arrested for trying to kill Rick, Donna taunted her with a stuffed toy that looked like Tiny. Then … Donna gleefully presented Pam with a pair of crocheted handcuffs (notice that the stuffed toy is now headless, thanks to Donna). “It was fun to be the aggressor in those scenes,” notes Gareis.The ladies ended up on THE PRICE IS RIGHT together. Pam was excited when Donna won the Showcase Showdown. “Jennifer was hilarious in those scenes,” praises Mills. Pam was itching to put Donna in her place during a Forrester Creations fashion show. While Donna was modeling the finale design, Pam climbed overhead and dumped honey on her, just before gold confetti was released. Donna was a glittery mess as the press snapped away. “I’m having a ball with this stuff,” crows Mills. “I’m the bold and Jennifer is the beautiful.”

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