Five Minutes With GH's Jennifer Bransford

Soap Opera Digest: So, this is your first fan event. Nervous?
Jennifer Bransford: I’m really excited. I’m so glad to be here. Events like these are such an important part of the whole medium. The fans are so supportive, so I feel it’s good for us to be supportive, too. And, yes, I’m a little scared.

Digest: How are you feeling about Carly now?
Bransford: I feel much more comfortable. It’s still draining, but it’s a constant discovery. Now that I’ve been working in the studio with everyone, I feel much more comfortable in the environment. That was the big thing for me — being in the big storyline, having a lot of history, a lot of relationships, just all the newness. I think that’s the thing that I’m really getting comfortable with, and that’s been in only the past couple weeks or so. In terms of Carly, I’m discovering still, as I get more story, I’m learning even more about her.

Digest: Carly’s such a firecracker. What do you like most about her?
Bransford: She’s so much fun! My favorite thing is how fiercely loyal she is, and I think it’s manifested in ways that aren’t typical. She’s feisty and impulsive. Certainly, if someone does her wrong or gets in the way, she doesn’t hesitate to act out. But she’s incredibly loyal to her family and I love that. I love her heart and how she makes mistakes because she’ll do something and then think about it. “Why am I so crazy? Why did I do that?” We all make mistakes. People aren’t perfect, and I love how Carly’s not even close to perfect.Digest: There’s an understatement! Fans seemed to love that knock-down, drag-out fight that Carly and Sam had.
Bransford: Kelly [Monaco, Sam] and I saw each other the next day and we were all bruised, but we were like, “It was worth it!” We did our own stunts. We wanted to do the fight ourselves to make it as real as possible. There were stunt people who came in once or twice, like when I flew across the room, the stunt person flew across the room for me. But other than that, we did the fighting and it was really fun. But we decided beforehand that we didn’t want it to be a catfight. We wanted it to be a barroom brawl, so we said we’re not going to pull hair. We’re not going to scratch. We’re going to punch!

Digest: What can you tell us about Carly’s past with Reese?
Bransford: As of now, Carly knows nothing about it. If anything, she’s having some memories about high school, but she doesn’t know anything about what’s going on with Reese. The thing about Carly is, Carly might not have great judgment, but she has great instincts, and she’s got an instinct about Reese. And it has nothing to do with Sonny. It’s got to do with her. Is that enough of a tease?

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