Fin, Begin Again

You had to be under a rock to miss the recent headlines about the soap “war” over Finola Hughes (Anna, GH). Though the actress was set to recur on GH this summer, Y&R wanted her for a brief stint in June as Zara. However, when ABC got wind of the request, they asked the actress to stay put, citing a big summer story they’d planned for her. Hughes complied. Well, Anna’s back in Port Charles and Rick Springfield (Noah/Eli) is on his way. What lies ahead?Soap Opera Digest: How were you able to do daytime and tape episodes of your series on The Style Network, HOW DO I LOOK?

Finola Hughes: It was great and both shows were very accommodating. We were able to determine the schedule ahead of time, so GH put me in on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when I didn’t work on HOW DO I LOOK? So, we had no conflicts at all.

Digest: Are you enjoying playing the comedy of Anna dealing with impending grandmotherhood on GH?

Hughes: It’s fun. I think that it’s interesting to look at it from a perspective of somebody who perhaps isn’t ready to be a grandmother because God knows, I’m not even sure she was ready to be a mother. I’m not sure how long that can play out, though. In my mind, Anna should stop making it about her and move forward, but we’ll see.

Digest: Would you like to see Anna back in action and fighting crime, like in the good old days?

Hughes: I would love for her to get to grips with some crazy crime that happened and actually try to solve it. That said, I don’t want her to go into something where she doesn’t solve it because the police tend to play second fiddle to the mob. That’s all well and good for that line of storytelling, but it would be nice if it actually played out so there would be equal footing and you see the other guys using their brains as much as the criminals do.

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