Farah Fath's Five Greatest DAYS

2000 — Stuck on Glue
“The time Chloe put super glue in Mimi’s shampoo is one story I’ll never forget. I had my hands stuck to my head for two days straight. I had to literally keep my hands up on my head for hours each day. Everywhere I went, my hands were on my head. They actually made me wear hats and scarfs for almost a year after that, because the super glue had, supposedly, damaged Mimi’s hair so badly that she couldn’t show her head. Eventually, they decided to let me stop wearing hats, but I had to cut my hair really short.”

2000 — Boy (Band) Crazy
“I remember when Mimi was homeless and Habitat for Humanity built a house for her family. We had a boy band on to celebrate the building of the house. It was hilarious. It was when boy bands were really popular. The band was called Plus One, and I remember that Kirsten [Storms, ex-Belle] and I thought the boys were so cute.”

2001 — Island Adventures
“I loved when we did the island story, back when we were ‘The Salem High Gang.’ Jason Cook (Shawn), Jay Kenneth Johnson (ex-Philip), Heather Lauren Olson (ex-Jan), Kirsten Storms, Robert Benvenisti (ex-Kevin) and I all went on location to Catalina for three days. We were on boats, and we were getting tan and having so much fun. We got to jet ski and go swimming. It was great stuff. It’s always fun to be outdoors. I felt like I was doing a movie.”

2003 — The Big Stiff
“One thing that always sticks out in my mind is when Dr. Rolf died, and Rex and Mimi had to hold him up while they were roller-blading. Will Utay, who played Rolf, was just dead weight. I mean, he played dead so well. It was so hard to carry him around. The whole thing was like Weekend at Bernie’s. I couldn’t believe they actually did that story.”

2003 — Mom’s the Word
“Working with Judi Evans (Bonnie) has always been fun. One of my favorite scenes with her was one of the first ones we did. Mimi found out that her mother had cleaned out her bank account and spent all the money on lottery tickets. That scene brought out a whole new side of me [as an actress]. I remember thinking, during and after those scenes, that I was really going to like working with Judi — and I have. Judi and I met and ran lines beforehand. I knew right away that it was going to be something different and very fun.”

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